University Hospital Gottingen

Gottingen, Germany
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University Hospital Gottingen
University Hospital Gottingen
University Hospital Gottingen

About the hospital

University Hospital Gottingen (UMG) is one of the largest university hospitals in Germany. The Faculty of Medicine and the University Hospital form a unity where excellent research, teaching and patient care occur under one roof. The faculty is characterized by three priority research areas and a wide range of medical disciplines. Globally recognized priority research areas, neurology, cardiovascular research and oncology, have a strong foundation in basic science and are focused on the medical needs of patients. The Faculty of Medicine in Göttingen is one of the largest medical universities in Germany.

The clinic has 67 departments, and research is carried out in all areas of medicine. UMG, which employs about 7,700 people, is also the largest employer in the region. The hospital has a capacity of 1,520 beds to treat more than 65,000 inpatients and 225,000 outpatients per year. In addition, many patients come to the clinic from abroad.

UMG is one of the top 20 best clinics in Germany and successfully copes with the three main tasks of the clinic: patient care, training of new generation doctors and scientific development. In their practice, the medical team uses an interdisciplinary approach, which guarantees assistance to a patient with any pathology immediately by an allied specialist and with a robust multidisciplinary base. This approach is called the "Integration Model", and thanks to its effectiveness, the lives of thousands of patients with severe and comorbid pathology have been saved. Particular attention is also paid to the development of outpatient departments, which significantly contribute to providing high-quality medical care in Southern Lower Saxony and far beyond. Skilled care services are offered in the outpatient sector, especially for severe, complex and rare diseases.

The qualified medical team of the University Hospital can offer treatment for the entire spectrum of diseases. Departments include otolaryngology, ophthalmology, general, thoracic and vascular surgery, neurology, urology and gynaecology, internal medicine, haematology and medical oncology. In addition, the European "excellence project" EUTrigTreat for studying and treating cardiac arrhythmias is coordinated in Gottingen. Diagnosis and treatment are carried out according to strict national and international standards. Furthermore, the medical staff creates a pleasant atmosphere for patients to feel as comfortable as possible.

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Founded in 1732
290,000 patients
1,520 beds available
N/A department

What range of services does University Hospital Gottingen offer?

Doctors use world-class methods of treating diseases of the throat, nose and ears, vision problems, and neurological and urological disorders. In addition, the list of services expands blood issues and general therapeutic and oncological treatment with minimally invasive and organ-sparing surgical techniques.

What is the uniqueness of the hospital?

The clinic is included in the list of the 20 best hospitals in the country due to its unique model of complex treatment, which helps to treat several diseases simultaneously and therefore provides a better indicator of treatment efficiency.

Is stem cell therapy available at the clinic?

Doctors use stem cell therapy to repair cartilage defects, joint pain, and bone fusion disorders. Combined surgical therapy (most often arthroscopies) and stem cells are increasingly an alternative to endoprosthesis of joints and can restore patients to the adequate performance of daily activities.

Is the treatment quality of pancreatic cancer confirmed in the hospital?

The surgical department is one of the first to introduce minimally invasive surgery in Germany and has achieved impressive results in the DaVinci procedure. The society for surgery cancer awarded the hospital a reference centre certificate for contribution to pancreatic and colon cancer.

About the city

Gottingen, located in the center of Germany, right between the Harz mountains and the Weser river, is well known for its university. The city has a vibrant, modern, youthful atmosphere emphasizing scientific research and freedom of exploration.

In the city's historical center, surrounded by the remains of a medieval city wall, there are magnificent churches and half-timbered houses of the 14th-18th centuries. Most of the city life takes place within the old city's walls. All attractions are no more than a ten-minute leisurely walk from each other. Gottingen's landmark is the statue of Hanseliesel on the fountain in the market square in front of the Old Town Hall. This Art Nouveau statue depicts a girl herding geese. Traditionally, all new doctoral graduates of the university kiss the statue on the cheek after passing the exam. This tradition makes her "the most kissed girl in the world".

The Georg-August University of Gottingen is a world-renowned research university. It places a strong emphasis on research-based learning. Gottingen University is distinguished by the rich diversity of its subject spectrum, excellent conditions for conducting scientific research, and the outstanding quality of the fields that define its profile. In addition, 45 Nobel Prize winners reinforce the glory of the institution. The Gottingen University Hospital is also famous for its discoveries in medicine and its ability to treat patients according to the latest medical recommendations.

The rich cultural life of Gottingen, with theatres, orchestras, museums, and significant events, attracts interest far beyond the city. Visitors appreciate Gottingen's accessibility by road or rail and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this lively city. Its unique and multicultural atmosphere is created by students and people from all over the world.

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