University Hospital Cologne

Cologne, Germany
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University Hospital Cologne
University Hospital Cologne
University Hospital Cologne

About the hospital

University Hospital Cologne is one of the leading multidisciplinary medical institutions in Germany. It was founded in 1908. Over than 100-year history, the hospital has received international recognition. The university hospital is a clinical center for the innovative treatment of various diseases.

The hospital includes 59 clinics, centers, institutes, and nine intensive care units. The hospital is designed for 1573 beds. Every year, more than 375,000 outpatients and 63,000 inpatients are treated at the University Hospital. The medical center employs about 10,900 specialists from 80 countries. Among them are more than 1,000 doctors of the highest category. The hospital has a UKKoln Navi navigation app that helps patients navigate the grounds. In addition, the system contains information about the opening hours of pharmacies, a canteen, and a chapel on the territory of the clinic.

Due to high-quality treatment and the efficiency of doctors, the clinic is considered one of the best clinics in Europe. The University Hospital of Cologne opened the first stereotactic and functional neurosurgery clinic in Germany. Many innovative therapies and drugs are tested at the hospital, becoming available to patients earlier than in other institutions. The high quality of treatment distinguishes the clinic. It is ISO and JCI certified, which indicates that the clinic has maintained its quality standards for many years. The University Hospital of Cologne employs 16 Nobel laureates with experience in their respective professions. The medical team is constantly learning discoveries in all areas of human health and, through active learning, ensures that young scientists can achieve excellent results.

The hospital provides medical care for the entire spectrum of diseases. It has several specialized units, such as the center for comprehensive oncology, the center for rare diseases, the center for family health, and the center for head and neck tumors center for surgical pediatrics. The University Hospital includes the department of internal medicine, general and thoracic surgery, urology, gynecology and obstetrics, radiation therapy, and nuclear medicine. There is also a palliative medicine department where modern pain therapy is practiced with care. The clinic recently opened a COVID ward to provide emergency care to patients with a deadly virus. The hospital has vaccination facilities, and medical staff offers complete assistance to patients regarding their post-COVID care.

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Founded in 1908
440,000 patients
1,573 beds available
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What range of services does University Hospital Cologne offer?

The clinic offers a wide range of oncological treatments according to world standards in numerous certified centers (rare and familial cancer), pediatric surgery, general therapy, and surgery. Apart from this, reproductive health care, thoracic surgery, and palliative care are also performed under one roof.

Is there a long waiting list at the clinic?

Through ongoing investment and a faculty of physicians, the medical center provides high-quality treatment and, most crucial fast addition and available appointments even for foreign patients. The speed of delivering services to all interested parties is ensured without a long waiting time.

Is the hospital a good place for a corneal transplant?

Ophthalmology surgeons are on FOCUS' top list and have over 15 years of experience with lamellar transplants. In addition, the eye clinic has a corneal bank for better tissue preparation and effectively performs about 10% of all corneal transplants in Germany.

Does the clinic diagnose rare genetic diseases?

The doctors use the latest methods of so-called "next generation sequencing" (NGS) in routine diagnostics of mutations in the gene that causes the disease by using and studying so-called gene panels. In addition, the procedure allows geneticists to choose the most modern and targeted drugs.

About the city

Cologne is 2,000 years old city, which is located in western Germany. The city is the birthplace of Kolsch beer and Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll. Cologne is an excellent place to live, with high travel connectivity, safety, and healthcare ratings.

More than 30 museums, hundreds of galleries, churches, and cathedrals make Cologne the cultural capital of Germany. The city's principal landmark and unofficial symbol are Cologne Cathedral. It is a large Gothic church in northern Europe with twin towers tall, 515 feet (157 meters). In 1996, the cathedral was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Every year Cologne hosts one of the most famous carnivals in the world. In addition, Cologne is home to Europe's largest ice hockey stadium and concert hall.

Cologne is famous among young people due to its many educational institutions. The University of Cologne is the most prestigious and research-intensive university in Europe. Furthermore, Cologne is a major media center because of numerous publishing firms and radio and television production organizations. In addition, the city is also the medical center of Germany and has more than 20 hospitals and highly specialized clinics. It is possible to use public clinics like the University Hospital Cologne and private clinics like the PAN Clinic Cologne. More than 300,000 people are treated in Cologne every year, which proves the excellent level of medicine.

There are so many reasons to visit Cologne. You can communicate with the locals in Cologne, distinguished by a unique, lighter attitude to life, a specific sense of humor, and goodwill. Many tourists come here for shopping, healthcare, nightlife, and entertainment. The abundance of museums, shops, restaurants, and clubs attracts more foreigners yearly.

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