Department of rheumatology and clinical immunology

The department of rheumatology and clinical immunology deals with a wide range of rheumatic diseases and disorders of the immune system. Since 2006 the unit has been recognised as a "Center of Excellence in Rheumatology" by the EULAR (European League Against Rheumatism). Moreover, FOCUS Magazine ranked the unit among the TOP German centres. The department has modern state-of-art equipment at its disposal. Furthermore, the medical team ensures an interdisciplinary approach with the help of cooperation with physiotherapists. It is worth mentioning that the medical centre chief holds numerous awards and fellowships and is a member of EULAR. In addition, the clinic conducts scientific research in the Rheumatology Research Laboratory. Moreover, the certified Rheumatology New Therapies study is performed on a unit basis.

The medical focus of the department lies in the precise diagnostic and comprehensive treatment of rheumatic diseases as well as rheumatic emergencies. In addition, special attention is paid to physio and psychotherapy for patients.

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