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Department of pediatric internal medicine (gastroenterology and nephrology)

The department of pediatric internal medicine (gastroenterology and nephrology) at the University Hospital Charite Berlin offers the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for gastrointestinal and kidney diseases in children and adolescents. The unit cares for outpatient and inpatient cases and is part of Charite's Otto Heubner Center for children's and youth medicine. Moreover, the clinic cooperates closely with other Charite departments, including paediatric surgery, radiology, intensive care, and transplant surgery. It is worth mentioning that the centre was ranked among the TOP German hospitals according to FOCUS Magazine. The unit is a research and academic teaching centre of Charite. Furthermore, the head physician of the department actively participated in developing the Paediatric Liver Transplant Program.

The medical focus of the department includes the comprehensive treatment of gastrointestinal and liver diseases. In addition, kidney diseases and malformations of the urinary tract are also focal points of the doctors.

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