Department of obstetrics

The department of obstetrics at the University Hospital Charite Berlin specialises in performing medical care during the prenatal period and childbirth. It offers a wide range of services at two campuses of Charite Hospital. The qualified doctors provide special consultations, courses and educational hours for pregnant women. In addition, midwives' consultations and support are available on a department basis. In addition, the department carries out scientific and clinical research in obstetric and perinatal medicine, including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and prenatal diagnostics. Furthermore, the unit cooperates closely with the hospital's gynaecology, neonatology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery and anesthesiology departments. It is worth mentioning that the team accepted the certificate "Best Recommendation" at the official award ceremony for the Tagesspiegel "Best Clinics 2022". Moreover, the experienced doctor of the department received an award from the German Society for Perinatal Medicine in recognition of his many years of work in the field of fetal programming.

The primary focus includes the diagnosis and treatment of maternal and child diseases, as well as high-quality prenatal care. In addition, women with severe pregnancy complications get medical help at the department. The main focal point of the obstetrics department is a safe birth of a healthy child with minimal risks for the mother.

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