Department of internal medicine (hepatology and gastroenterology)

The department of internal medicine (hepatology and gastroenterology) at University Hospital Charite Berlin specialises in diagnosing and treating liver, bile ducts and gastrointestinal diseases. Experienced doctors in the department provide the latest and minimally invasive therapy methods. In addition, the department's specialists tightly cooperate with surgeons and radiologists to offer full-spectrum treatment for the patients. It is worth mentioning that the head physician of the department takes part in therapy guidelines development in the field of liver diseases and infections. Moreover, the chief doctor is a member of national and international societies. Furthermore, the department of internal medicine leads numerous research projects and clinical studies in partnerships with scientific organisations

The treatment focus of the department includes therapy for the liver, bile ducts and pancreas diseases. In addition, patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease and pathologies of the stomachs get qualified medical help at the department. Doctors also treat nutritional disorders such as obesity and short bowel syndrome.

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