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Institute of neuroradiology

The institute of neuroradiology at the University Hospital Charite Berlin is engaged in diagnosing and treating various neurological diseases with the help of different imaging methods. The department treats emergency cases all around the clock. In addition, clinical research is carried out on a clinic basis. The institute investigates diagnosing and treating nervous system tumours, inflammatory and neurovascular diseases, etc. Moreover, the department cooperates tightly with the neurology, neurosurgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics and vascular centres of the Charite Hospital. Furthermore, the institute collaborates with the Berlin stroke mobile STEMO and other clinics. As a part of Charite, the neuroradiology clinic provides high-quality graduate and post-graduate education. 

The department focuses on accurately diagnosing diseases using magnetic resonance, X-ray and other modern imaging technologies. In addition, special attention is paid to visualising nervous structures and the radiotherapy of nervous and vascular diseases. Experienced doctors of the institute perform minimally invasive interventions with low risks and high success.

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