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Brno, Czechia
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University Hospital Brno
University Hospital Brno
University Hospital Brno

About the hospital

University Hospital Brno is one of the largest medical institutions in the Czech Republic. Founded in 1990, the clinic has gained wide popularity in Europe thanks to its impeccable reputation and high treatment standards. The structure of the hospital includes three high-tech departments: for children, adults, and a maternity hospital.

8,000 doctors and nurses work in the medical center for continuous, quality care for more than 300,000 patients at the outpatient and inpatient levels. Compliance with high ISO standards, accreditation from the Ministry of Health, and cooperation with Masaryk University in Brno contribute to the safe implementation of modern, unique cure methods. In addition, the hospital is a European reference center for hemato-oncology, dermatology, neuromuscular diseases, epilepsy, and rare respiratory diseases. Significant advances in neurology have contributed to the medical center receiving the ESO Angels Award.

The clinic's structure includes an oncology department with certification for bone marrow transplantation from EBMT. In addition, the department offers the world's unique CAR-T therapy, which helps program the immune system to detect and destroy cancer cells effectively. Also, doctors use non-invasive REZUM methods of treating prostate enlargement with steam. This technique does not require long rehabilitation. Another crucial area of ​​remedy is orthopedics and traumatology. Thanks to Brainlab's neuronavigation system, which combines CT and MRI, doctors can work with the subtlest structures of the body without damaging critical vital functions. As a result, severe spinal fractures, hernias, and tumor lesions are operated on with a high-efficiency level. Also, the hospital's neurosurgeons were the first to master the Ennovate system to successfully treat children's scoliosis with internal implants. Finally, it is worth noting that the cardiac surgeons of the University Clinic Brno were the first in the country to use ECMO during surgery and implant an electrodeless pacemaker, which saved the lives of thousands of patients.

Brno University Medical Center is an important hospital with innovative treatment methods that drive Czech medicine forward. In particular, the clinic offers treatment for patients of any age in cardiology and vascular surgery, neurosurgery, traumatology, oncology, and pediatrics. In addition, the clinic has a maternity center with extensive experience in caring for children with low birth weight or rare childhood diseases.

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Founded in 1998
332,000 patients
2,161 beds available
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Does the clinic offer infertility treatment?

The hospital is one of the first in the Czech Republic to achieve high efficiency in treating infertility and has been using IVF, ICSI, and IMSI since its foundation. Doctors have a lot of experience in pregnancy management and will support the woman in a further successful pregnancy.

Does the medical center serve children?

The hospital is child-friendly and offers multidisciplinary treatment in pediatric departments, including rare diseases, complex cases of spinal injuries, or care of premature and low birth weight babies. In addition, the success rate of oncological treatment for children reaches 90%.

Is University Hospital Brno suitable for joint replacement?

The clinic guarantees high-quality joint replacement thanks to individually selected certified implants and the ERAS early postoperative rehabilitation program. In the complex, this approach helps to achieve the best results.

Should I choose a medical center for hepatoblastoma treatment?

Surgeons have experience effectively treating complex cases of hepatoblastoma in children aged 9 months, thanks to the combination of modern surgery and chemotherapy. With the help of the newest developments, patients do not suffer from complications.

About the city

Brno is one of the biggest cities in the Czech Republic, with almost 380,000 citizens. The city is located in the southeast of the Czech Republic in South Moravia. The Svratka and Svitava rivers flow through its territory, which adds a particularly romantic look.

Brno is best known for its large, prestigious car races that gather thousands of people around it. The tradition has continued since the 1930s and includes Grand Prix and motorcycle championships. In addition, guests of the city can be part of the Ignis Brunensis fireworks show and festivals with traditional Moravian dances and brass music. Also, the exhaustive list of entertainment includes numerous museums, theater performances, a planetarium and observatory, a zoo, and botanical gardens. Visitors can also enjoy the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tugendhat Villa while hiking. The building is an important monument of interwar architecture. Also, the general view of the city is created up of the Shpilberk castle and fortress and the cathedrals on Peter's Hill. Part of the city is the landscape reserve "Moravian Karst," with fantastic nature, allowing you to get high-quality active leisure time in the fresh air.

Brno used to be famous for machine building and the textile industry. Today, the city is a robust center of judicial power in the Czech Republic and a generally important administrative center. World trends and many talented young people contributed to the rapid development of information technologies and received the second name, "Czech Silicon Valley." Several figures of world science and culture are connected with Brno. The city is the birthplace and place of creation for the physicist Ernst Mach and the world-famous geneticist Gregor Mendel, after whom the Mendelian University in Brno is named. Ferdinand von Hebra was also born here and is the founder of modern dermatology due to his active interest in scabies and the prevention of bedsores. University Hospital Brno continues the tradition of establishing the latest views in medicine and, since 1998, has been one of the most important clinics in the country.

Brno's modern, prosperous city continues to win its place under the sun among European cities and is becoming increasingly popular among tourists. An ideal place to apprise with Czech culture leaves unforgettable vacation memories and impressions.

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