Department of pulmonology

The pulmonology department at St. Elisabethen Hospital Frankfurt am Main covers the entire spectrum of benign and malignant lung diseases, lung mucosa (pleura), respiratory muscle pump and respiratory regulation. Particular attention of the department is paid to the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. Doctors work with an interdisciplinary team of experts on how to proceed - both medically and psychologically. An important aspect is the professional diagnosis of tumours, so the department is equipped with modern devices for accurate and fast diagnosis. The department also operates a sleep laboratory, where doctors help patients with nocturnal breathing disorders find restful sleep.

Doctors of the department specialize in treating inflammatory, allergic, and autoimmune diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract. The diagnostic plan offers the full range of pneumatological examination methods in lung function, pneumatological endoscopy and thoracic sonography, and the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Therapeutically, the department provides personalized, targeted, effective therapy using all currently available treatments, including endobronchial interventions, systemic oncological treatment, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and non-invasive and invasive ventilation. In addition, the department's thoracic oncology day hospital is available for patients with lung cancer.

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