Department of general and abdominal surgery

The general and abdominal surgery department at St. Elisabethen Hospital Frankfurt am Main devotes all its attention to diagnosing and treating diseases of the abdominal organs and soft tissues. Doctors rely on so-called keyhole surgery to provide the best possible medical care, which only works with tiny incisions and devices. The possibility of using a minimally invasive operation is discussed individually and in detail with each patient. The main advantages of minimally invasive surgery include a minor wound and corresponding scar, less pain, less risk of wound infections and adhesions, and a much faster recovery process. Furthermore, 24-hour emergency service in the department is available for acute abdominal diseases. Thus, department specialists can treat acute complaints requiring urgent surgical care (such as acute appendicitis or intestinal obstruction).

The medical team of the department has an exceptional experience in endocrine surgery. Patients with benign and malignant diseases of the hormone-producing organs receive highly specialized care in the department. During surgical interventions, doctors constantly monitor the nerves of the vocal cords, so the nerves are constantly monitored and protected throughout the entire operation. Additionally, surgeons specialize in treating proctological diseases, hernias, and liver and biliary tract diseases.

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