Specialized Clinic Asklepios Weserbergland Hoexter

Hoexter, Germany
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Specialized Clinic Asklepios Weserbergland Hoexter
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Weserbergland Hoexter
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Weserbergland Hoexter

About the hospital

Specialized Clinic Asklepios Weserbergland Hoexter has provided rehabilitation services for over 30 years in a reorganized hospital since 1949. The medical center's department has been expanded, updated, and modernized according to the requirements of the patients. Today, the rehabilitation clinic is one of the best in Germany for the fifth time, according to FOCUS magazine and the independent research institute Munich Inquire Media.

Neurologists, gerontologists, and rehabilitation specialists provide services for 2,100 patients annually. The hospital's 250 beds help to provide a cure to all who wish and to allocate an optimal period for recovery. In particular, "Focus Money" magazine awarded Hoexter Specialized Clinic Asklepios Weserbergland with the "Highest Respect 2017" sign and the "Best Reputation" title. The medical center also successfully re-certified IQMP. Such recognition guarantees the high safety of the applied treatment.

Since 2001, in complement to standard treatment, the clinic has treated children and adults with neuromuscular diseases, including muscle wasting, motor neuron disorders, spinal muscular atrophy, and myositis. Also, great attention is paid to treating geriatric and post-stroke patients and people after a  severe COVID-disease. In addition to standard treatment options, which help achieve the desired effect in the shortest rehabilitation period, the clinic is equipped with modern robotic methods. Thanks to Lokomat, the patient can restore movements in the lower limbs, strengthen stability while walking, and improve gait. In addition, the Ameo arm practices hand movements. Rehabilitation works allow individually monitoring progress, analyzing it, and clearly defining the load limits during each training session. This approach reduces the risks of deterioration of the limbs and also accelerates the onset of the desired effect.

The long-term experience of the Specialized Hospital Asklepios Weserbergland in Hoexter allows patients to receive qualified assistance in the recovery of myotonic, muscular dystrophic, neurological, and tumor diseases of the nervous system. In particular, even rare diseases are not a challenge for the doctors of the rehabilitation center.

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Founded in 1949
2,100 patients
250 beds available
N/A department

Does the hospital serve children?

The medical center provides services to adults and children. For more than 20 years, the pediatric field has provided high-efficiency rehabilitation, even in complex cases. In addition, much attention is paid to the necessary development of the child, so speech therapy and psychology are also available.

Is the Specialized Clinic Asklepios Weserbergland Hoexter suitable for treating the elderly?

The hospital has a separate department for geriatric patients, whose specialists consider the needs of the elderly, their characteristics, and the combination of several diseases simultaneously. On the other hand, medical doctors strive to prevent cardiovascular diseases and neurological disasters.

Should I choose a medical center for the correction of gait disorders?

Rehabilitators have access to the latest modern developments, namely the Lokomat robotic simulator, which corrects and restores gait. In particular, not only clarity and stability but also speed and fall prevention are taken into account.

About the city

Hoexter is an actual historical and cultural center of North Rhine-Westphalia with 30,000 inhabitants. Increasingly, tourists choose this city for their vacation because of its cultural attractions and rich nature.

Visitors to the municipality can see the UNESCO World Heritage Site Corvi Monastery, built in 822 and was one of the important monasteries in Europe in the early Middle Ages. In complement to historical and cultural details, churches also offer classical music concerts. In addition, you can get a closer look at the town's past at the exhibition at Corvi Castle. Walking is enjoyable due to the unique architecture, which consists of half-timbered houses, Gothic churches, town halls, and towers (Rodenek, Bismarck). Also, the Bruchhausen Spa Park, the private Bruchhausen Manor Park with a pond, and the monastery garden are charming for evening promenades. Furthermore, 14 nature reserves offer a variety of activities for the whole family and amaze a variety of rare plant species.

As early as the onset of the 19th century, the city began to develop the trade and industrial economic sphere, which is still quite developed today. In addition, the city is famous as a university city and a center of quality medicine. The University of Applied Sciences East Westphalia-Lippe serves 6,600 students from all over Europe. In accumulation, the Specialized Clinic Asklepios Weserbergland Hoexter, with its panoramic views of the city and the Weser floodplains and its proximity to numerous attractions and high-quality service, is a model for medical tourism.

The German traditions and cultural richness of the city of Hoexter are beautiful for tourists from all over the world. Numerous activities, excursions, festivals, and silence in the middle of nature are combined in one place.

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