Specialized Clinic Asklepios Teupitz

Teupitz, Germany
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Specialized Clinic Asklepios Teupitz
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Teupitz
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Teupitz

About the hospital

Specialized Clinic Asklepios Teupitz is a continuation of the former state psychological hospital from 1908. It is a modern medical center for psychiatric and neurological patients with 310 beds.

Currently, the clinic is cared for by 490 people for continuous and well-established work of all departments: psychiatry, psychosomatics and psychotherapy, neurology, social-psychiatric rehabilitation, and forensic psychiatry. The success of transparent work and high-quality patient care was repeatedly evaluated in 2005 and 2009. Furthermore, the treatment fields of multiple sclerosis, dementia, schizophrenia, and depression deserved special recognition, thanks to which FOCUS magazine included Teupitz Specialized Hospital Asklepios in the top list of the 100 best hospitals in the country and Brandenburg. For its part, the German Society of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics, and Neurology granted the medical center a UEMS training center certificate for compliance with the medical training criteria of the International Society of Medical Specialists.

High-quality therapy for a wide range of psychiatric and psychological problems is available to patients in group and individual therapy, pharmacotherapy, music, design and communication-motor therapy, physiotherapy, and relaxation procedures. In particular, the cure for severe depression is 4-6 weeks, and long-term improvement is felt after 2-3 weeks. In the case of severe psychotic illness, the treatment lasts up to 8 weeks. A separate necessary specialization of the hospital is depression of geriatric patients, which takes into account the peculiarities of the patient's stay in the hospital and the particular emphasis of treatment. Also, doctors have extensive experience treating addictions, particularly within 21-day courses. Each patient has a comfortable double room in the new building, which is specially adapted to the needs of drug addiction medicine. Specially trained PTSD professionals provide additional options for symptom reduction in the form of eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), imagery rewriting and reprocessing therapy (IRRT), and psychodynamic imaginal trauma therapy (PITT). The structure of the medical institution also includes a neurology department for treating multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and strokes. As a result, each patient's brain imaging needs are met through CT and MRI.

The Specialized Medical Center Asklepios in Teupitz is a leading institution in Brandenburg, which allows you to solve psychological health and neurological diseases in a high-quality and comfortable way. The area's high professionalism and natural resources have been successfully combined into a long-term experience of successful rehabilitation.

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Founded in 1908
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310 beds available
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Should you choose Specialized Clinic Asklepios Teupitz for stroke?

The special stroke department has existed since 1999 and is the first certified in Brandenburg. As a result, physicians have high success rates, provide all modern imaging procedures and have access to modern treatments, including critical recanalization for patients.

What services does the hospital offer?

Doctors provide treatment to patients of two types of pain: psychological and neurological. In particular, depression, psychoses, borderline personality disorders, post-traumatic disorders, addictions, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and epilepsy are subject to treatment.

Are outpatient services available at the clinic?

The clinic offers in-patient, day-patient, and outpatient services at the psychological institute. As a result, doctors can support patients after discharge or treat minor cases without taking them from their everyday lives.

About the city

Teupitz is a town in Brandenburg, Germany, with almost 2,000 inhabitants. Picturesque nature and calm atmosphere have impressed tourists for many years, and the city is gaining more and more popularity for country recreation.

The first mention of Teupitz Castle on the peninsula of Lake Teupitz dates back to 1307. The preserved buildings dating from the 15th-17th centuries were used as a hotel, and the castle is under private ownership. In addition, the city's historic architecture is complemented by the Heilig-Geist-Kirche of 1346 with a baroque pulpit and an organ of 1694. The main center of events in the city is the market square, on which there is an artistic installation in front of the town hall, which illustrates the city's history on several individually designed tiles. For outdoor recreation and picnics, guests of the city have access to Fontane Park with a pier, hiking trails to 66 lakes, and a 13-kilometer circular hiking trail from the city center to Tütschensee further south to Tornower See.

The city has always been famous for the trade in agricultural products and was the center of the medical world thanks to its favorable location amid its impeccable nature. In particular, Moritz Mebel lived in the city and significantly contributed to the kidney transplantation system in Germany. Annual conferences were held for the leading surgeons, in particular with the participation of the famous Helmut Wolff. Currently, the city's largest employer is the Specialized Clinic Asklepios Teupitz, which operates in the building of the former main state psychiatric hospital.

The cozy atmosphere, lakes, and clean air of Teupitz contribute to quality rest and recovery of the body from the constant stresses of the modern world. Delicious food, historic architecture, and friendly residents are a nice bonus.

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