Specialized Clinic Asklepios Furstenhof Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen, Germany
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Specialized Clinic Asklepios Furstenhof Bad Wildungen
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Furstenhof Bad Wildungen
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Furstenhof Bad Wildungen

About the hospital

Specialized Clinic Asklepios Furstenhof Bad Wildungen is a private rehabilitation center that focuses on restoring patients' health in the cardiovascular, neurological and psychosomatic areas.

Since 1982, a multidisciplinary team has been providing services in a historic building that is constantly being updated and modernized. Currently, the structure has 221 beds and serves approximately 2,500 patients annually. The location near the coniferous and deciduous forests in the middle of the mountain landscape contributes to the incredible atmosphere of a natural resort. The neurological rehabilitation department has 58 beds for early rehabilitation phase B, phases C and D (further and medical rehabilitation). Also, the Society of neuropsychology granted the Specialized Hospital Asklepios Furstenhof in Bad Wildungen permission to train post-graduate and master's psychologists and determined compliance with high professional standards. This recognition has led to a collaboration with the Hessian Association for further education in clinical neuropsychology.

Doctors strive to provide high-quality services while ensuring maximum safety for their patients. This principle has been awarded the “Premium Seal for Transparency and Comparability”, "DIN EN ISO 9001:2015", and "IQMP-Kompakt" certificates. In addition, the clinic is among the best rehabilitation centers in Germany for cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, according to Focus journal and the independent research institute Munich Inquire Media. Also, the FAZ Institute and the Hamburg Institute for management and economic research separately awarded neurological rehabilitation as the best in the country. Trigger point therapy, sports medicine, Bobat therapy, Perfetti, and Affolter cure are part of the wide range of benefits of the Specialized Medical Center Asklepios Furstenhof Bad Wildungen. If necessary, it is also possible to replace and service the tracheostomy tube and perform FEES fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing. Furthermore, doctors pay considerable attention to the psychological state of cancer patients. Cooperation with the BUTTERFLY CLUB project of the Projekt Schmetterling eV Association helps cancer patients and their families cope with the psychological stress of the disease.

Highly qualified comprehensive care is available to patients worldwide at Bad Wildungen Specialized Clinic Asklepios Furstenhof. Patients with damage to the heart, blood vessels, peripheral and central systems of various types, and pulmonary and oncological conditions have the opportunity to improve their general health, restore lost functions and get a more independent life.

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Founded in 1982
2,500 patients
221 beds available
N/A department

What cardiac diseases are available for rehabilitation in the hospital?

The condition after coronary bypass, congenital disabilities, heart valve correction and transplantation, aneurysmectomy, cardiomyopathy, acute myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, inflammatory diseases, and PE is an indication for rehabilitation in a medical center.

Is Specialized Clinic Asklepios Furstenhof Bad Wildungen the best in Germany?

The hospital has been identified as the best in rehabilitating the country's cardiovascular, pulmonary, and nervous systems by Focus magazine, the FAZ Institute, and the Hamburg Institute for management and economic research.

Should I choose the medical center for psychosomatic and psychological diseases?

Doctors have invaluable years of experience and extensive knowledge of the latest treatment and rehabilitation methods for various diseases in psychology and psychotherapy. Combining various methods and additional treatment options allows patients to achieve the desired results.

About the city

Bad Wildungen is a spa town with many healing springs. It is located at the foot of Kellerwald mountain and has a population of almost 17,500 inhabitants.

The city has an ancient history because the first mention of it dates back to 800 AD. Magical nature and fresh air with opportunities to visit spring water are charming for travelers. There is also a museum of springs in the municipality. In addition, after visiting Friedrichstein Castle, you can explore the Lapidarium, a rock exhibition in the castle basement. Numerous theater performances, chamber concerts, music festivals of folk and world music, "Folk im Kurpark", and the cult event "Rock im Schloss" also take place under the roof of the castle. It is also essential to expend attention to the numerous historic mansions in the center of Bad Wildungen and the former Hotel Furstenhof from 1902, which was later reorganized. The structure changed over time and took into account the current problems of the population. Since 1982, the clinic has acquired a modern look Specialized Clinic Asklepios Furstenhof Bad Wildungen. Numerous natural reserves with waterfalls, old beech forests, and rocks contribute to an active and prosperous rest.

Since ancient times, the city has been engaged in resort economy and tourism. In particular, this was facilitated by the successful location of the city amid rich nature and healing springs. Bad Wildungen is also part of the German Fairytale Route, as the tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs originates in the Bergfreheit area. The town also has two sports clubs, football and handball, and the Bad Wildungen Aviation Association. The German Billiards Championships have become a local tradition and attract tourists from all over the world.

The charming Bad Wildungen inspires active recreation and harmony with nature. But the municipality also helps comprehend Germany's ancient history and residents' modern culture.

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