Specialized Clinic Asklepios Bad Schwartau

Bad Schwartau, Germany
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Specialized Clinic Asklepios Bad Schwartau
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Bad Schwartau
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Bad Schwartau

About the hospital

Specialized Clinic Asklepios Bad Schwartau has been operating since 1968, providing its services as a resort, and later as an orthopedic and gynecological rehabilitation center. Constant updating of services and expansion to 282 beds allowed the hospital to take a leading place among institutions in Germany.

Some advantages of the medical center are its proximity to the Baltic Sea and the Hanseatic city of Lubeck and its idyllic location in the spa gardens. Natural resources and the high awareness of doctors in the rehabilitation of various patients contribute to strengthening health and improving the results obtained after the primary treatment. In accumulation, the institution met the high criteria of IQMP-Kompakt and was rated by Focus Health as "The Best Rehabilitation Clinic". Premium and safe services are also guaranteed by the award from TUV MED and "Qualitatskliniken".

Gynecological patients occupy a significant share. The hospital is certified by the Endometriosis research foundation (SEF), the European Endometriosis League (EEL), and the German endometriosis association for the high efficiency of rehabilitation measures as an endometriosis center for rehabilitation. Also, in the magazine "Vorsorge und Reha 2019/2020", Bad Schwartau Specialized Medical Center Asklepios was recognized as one of the most recommended rehabilitation clinics for inpatient rehabilitation after gynecological cancer. Also, doctors' great attention is directed to orthopedic restoration. In particular, orthopedists follow the World Health Organization (WHO) classification scheme for drug therapy to prevent the development of a chronic pain disorder. Furthermore, multimodal therapy, psychosomatic medicine, and psychotherapy specialists allow for treating the patient in various ways and combining several treatment options simultaneously. In addition, the clinic leads an active social life and holds various educational seminars for patients and charity events, for example, for inclusive projects or to support schools. Also, Specialized Clinic Asklepios in Bad Schwartau is an academic hospital of the University of Lubeck and trains young talents as part of internships.

Bad Schwartau Specialized Hospital Asklepios provides outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation after oncological, surgical, or severe conservative remedies in musculoskeletal and gynecological systems. Relapse prevention, a psychosomatic spectrum of issues, and additional recreational offerings are also available in the upsurge.

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Founded in 1968
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Should I choose the medical center for rehabilitation after gynecological oncology?

Doctors have a lot of experience rehabilitating patients after severe gynecological diseases, particularly malignant impressions. A multidisciplinary approach and the fight against repeated disease cases are significant advantages.

Is the hospital the best in Germany?

The hospital is included in the top list of rehabilitation centers of Focus Health magazine in Germany, is certified by numerous medical associations, and meets premium criteria.

Is the clinic suitable for orthopedic restoration?

Physiotherapists and orthopedists work together to restore movement in patients after surgery or with chronic pain. Physiotherapy, sports therapy, and proper drug analgesia positively affect the further course of recovery.

About the city

Bad Schwartau is a city in the Ostholstein district in Germany. It is located on the Trave and Schwartau rivers and has the status of a state mud and iodine resort. The city is near the gates of Lubeck and quickly reaches the Baltic Sea and Switzerland, surrounded by forests.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Baumann opened the "Elisabeth Sol- und Moorbad", which marked the beginning of the development of spas and bathing in Bad Schwartau. The city turned into a summer resort where guests recovered from the polluted air of industrialization in the big cities. One of the most forceful sources of iodine in northern Germany was also used, particularly for degenerative and chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, various gynaecological diseases and after operations on the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, Schwartau became a popular place for people to live after retirement, leading to villa development. The Kurpark with the lake and forest are ideal for walks and hikes. When visiting the city, it is also worth visiting ancient historical sites such as the 13th century Church of St. Fabian and St. Sebastian in Renzefeld, the Chapel of St. George from 1508 and the Water Tower from 1910.

Numerous medical centres such as Helios Agnes Karll Hospital Bad Schwartau and Specialize Clinic Asklepios make Bad Schwartau a centre of quality and multidisciplinary medicine. Popular directions of clinics are orthopaedics and urology. The city is visited by tourists from different regions of Germany and Europe to receive high-quality medical services and comprehensive rehabilitation.

The iodine springs of Bad Schwartau, used in treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system, determined the interest of medical specialists and medical providers in developing the best orthopaedic centres in Germany.

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