Specialized Clinic Asklepios Alsbach-Hahnlein

Alsbach, Germany
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Specialized Clinic Asklepios Alsbach-Hahnlein
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Alsbach-Hahnlein
Specialized Clinic Asklepios Alsbach-Hahnlein

About the hospital

Specialized Clinic Asklepios Alsbach-Hahnlein has continued the tradition of treatment since 1900. Today, the medical center has 157 beds.

Hospital services are certified according to IQMP-Kompakt. In addition, the SGS Fresenius Institute issued the quality mark for proper compliance with hygienic safety and food quality.

The clinic offers rehabilitation in orthopedics and also helps to overcome the difficulties of psychological and psychosomatic disorders and pain sensations of a chronic nature. Recovery is available in the German pension insurance program IRENA or individually. In particular, doctors use manual therapy, osteopathy, reflexology, massages, magnetic therapy, and kinesio taping. Sports activities such as cycling, running, golf, skiing, and horse riding are additionally available. Also, occupational medicine achieves the restoration of self-care and the development of motor and sensory functions. The use of a VR headset diversifies restoration. To cure excessive tension in the body, experienced doctors know to use progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), according to Jacobson, and autogenic training, according to Dr. JH Schultz. Individual nutrition consultations improve the general condition and resolve the issue of lactose intolerance or excessive consumption of harmful components. Preparation of musical performances, evenings in the company watching movies or games, and participation in educational seminars allows you to gain new experience and knowledge and promotes socialization.

Alsbach-Hahnlein Specialized Medical Center Asklepios offers urgent orthopedic rehabilitation and remedy for patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and soft tissues, cardiac diseases, and concomitant psychosomatic diseases. After operations, high-quality care and rehabilitation support amputations or radicular pain syndromes.

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Founded in 1900
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157 beds available
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Is Specialized Clinic Asklepios Alsbach-Hahnlein suitable after endoprosthesis?

Doctors specialize in restoring the motor functions of patients after endoprosthetics. In addition to rehabilitation, the basics of correct handling of the prosthesis, prevention of complications in the future, and psychological support are also provided.

Will the medical center help me overcome the pain syndrome?

The clinic provides services for patients with chronic pain syndrome of various natures. After a detailed examination, complex treatment with the help of medication, psychosomatic and physiotherapeutic treatment is developed according to an individual plan.

Is the hospital suitable for preventive treatment?

Thanks to educational lectures of a medical nature, as well as training in mindful sports and nutrition consultations, patients have the opportunity to prevent diseases in advance.

About the city

Alsbach is a town in the south of Hesse with more than 9,000 inhabitants. The city was first mentioned in 779.

The city is full of local events and offers for tourists. In particular, guests of the municipality should visit the castle-fortress Alsbach from 1240. The observation deck of the fortress offers an enchanting view of the Rhine to the Palatinate Forest. The castle was built on the western part of the mountain range under Melibocus, the height of which is about 260 meters. The forests around the castle are protected as a Natura 2000 area. In addition, the town has a nature reserve with rare plants and birds. Furthermore, locals organize barbecue parties, children's children's knight festivals, horse riding and wine festivals, bike rides, and relaxing in the outdoor pool. The events showcase ancient crafts such as blacksmithing and carpentry, baking and cooking, and modern tailoring.

Winemaking and industry are essential components of Alsbach's economic structure. About 200 half-liter bottles of "Barbakan" castle wine from Regent grapes are filled annually. In addition, confectionery, textiles, and chemical products are mainly produced here. Fertile soils also contributed to the significant development of the agricultural sector. Thanks to the impeccable ecological situation and the wealth of natural resources, a sanatorium was built in 1900 and, in 2004, acquired a modern appearance as the Specialized Clinic Asklepios Alsbach-Hahnlein. Today, the medical center is a specialized modern hospital for rehabilitation and treatment.

Alsbach's eventful European architecture deserves special attention from tourists seeking to learn more about German culture.

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