Specialize Clinic Asklepios Brandenburg an der Havel

Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany
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Specialize Clinic Asklepios Brandenburg an der Havel
Specialize Clinic Asklepios Brandenburg an der Havel
Specialize Clinic Asklepios Brandenburg an der Havel

About the hospital

Specialize Clinic Asklepios Brandenburg an der Havel is a modern centre providing diagnosing and treating neurological and psychiatric diseases. The Asklepios medical group is the first EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) certified in Germany, thanks to which the clinics of the network are popular not only among residents of Germany but throughout Europe.

The medical centre offers more than 650 beds and is Brandenburg's largest psychiatric and neurological hospital. In 2020, the clinic's landing pad officially opened for critically ill patients who need quick stroke treatment or treatment in the intensive care unit. Every year doctors treat more than 6,000 inpatients and 14,000 outpatients.

Neurology at Asklepios Fachklinikum Brandenburg is a specialized department with an intensive care unit and a certified stroke unit. Highly-qualified neurologists treat the full range of acute and chronic neurological symptoms using the latest diagnostic methods, such as angiography, CT and MRI, vascular and nerve ultrasound, electrophysiology and a vertigo measurement station. Seriously ill patients can be professionally treated in the intensive care unit. In addition, the clinic has special treatment programs for patients with Parkinson's disease and epilepsy and early neurological rehabilitation. Services in the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology are provided for all clinics of the Asklepios Clinic in Brandenburg, for inpatient facilities in the region and for private outpatient patients.

The fields of neurology, psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry work hand in hand for the well-being of Specialize Clinic Asklepios patients. In the hospital, patients can receive medical care for all emotional, behavioural, mental and psychosomatic disorders in children and young people. Internal functional diagnostics maintains its departments with broad diagnostic competence. The medical team uses a wide range of modern methods for examining patients to assess the heart's function, heart rate, regulation of blood circulation, peripheral vessels, thyroid gland and abdominal organs. An experienced, competent and friendly team of doctors, nurses and therapists is available around the clock for patients and supports them on their path to recovery.

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Founded in 1911
20,000 patients
650 beds available
N/A departments

Is the Asklepios Clinic Brandenburg an der Havel one of the best in Germany?

In 2018, Focus magazine included the clinic at the top of the best hospitals in Germany for outstanding results in treatment and high-quality services. Also, the centre is one of the first to receive a certificate from the European Foundation. Such recognition attracts patients from all over the world.

What services does the hospital provide?

The clinic offers treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases for children and adolescents. In addition, emotional and behavioural correction is also available. Doctors take a comprehensive approach and use a wide range of diagnostics for diseases of the heart, endocrine glands, and digestive system.

Is the clinic a good place for the treatment of psychosomatic diseases?

Relaxation exercises, cognitive-behavioural therapy, anxiety reduction, and psychoanalysis help reduce the manifestations of psychosomatic disorder. Also, modern diagnostics exclude the presence of an actual disease accurately. Each treatment is individual and considers the patient's lifestyle and habits.

Is the waiting list for the cure at the medical centre long?

Thanks to modern methods of treatment and a broad supply of beds, the clinic has the opportunity to receive patients for treatment on time and quickly. In addition, doctors offer day hospital and outpatient care with no less high efficiency, and in some cases, even better.

About the city

Brandenburg an der Havel is an independent town in the state of Bandenburg. Compared to neighbouring Berlin, Brandenburg is a relatively small city with around 70,000 inhabitants. It has a long history and was first mentioned as a city as early as 948. In the 19th century, Brandenburg an der Havel was an important industrial centre in Prussia, producing world-famous bicycles.

Brandenburg an der Havel is over 1000 years old - so tourists can afford to have three city centres at once: the Old and New Towns complement the Cathedral Island - history is at every step. Sights include the Gothic old town hall, built in 1474, and the Brandenburg Theater, which has its symphony orchestra. But at the same time, the charming town is also the gateway to the Brandenburg lakes of Havel. So Brandenburg an der Havel, surrounded by a fabulous landscape of rivers and lakes, is an Eldorado for yachters and water sports enthusiasts.

With around 2,500 students, the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is relatively small but has an excellent reputation for preparing students for high-skilled jobs. In addition, the city is home to the Brandenburg Medical School, founded in 2014. The city is also home to the Specialize Clinic Asklepios Brandenburg an der Havel. The modern medical centre provides excellent services in the field of neurology and psychiatry.

Infrastructure, education, culture, health care, clubs and societies have traditionally developed under the influence of the river that runs through the city and the surrounding lake landscapes. Brandenburg an der Havel is a city that has a lot to offer.

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