Specialize Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach

Bad Abbach, Germany
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Specialize Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach
Specialize Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach
Specialize Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach

About the hospital

Specialize Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach is an ultramodern orthopaedic and rheumatology German centre in Bad Abbach. Concentrating various specialisations in one clinic saves patients time and effort and guarantees the complete treatment of spinal problems at the highest level. Moreover, contemporary architecture with a stylish interior in a minimalist style in light colours perfectly complements the overall light atmosphere of the hospital and friendly staff.

The clinic has 200 beds and treats 7,000 inpatients annually and approximately 23,500 outpatients. Of the 350 employees, 55 are doctors with numerous awards and titles. In addition, 20,000 artificial hip and knee joints have been used at the Hospital Asklepios in Bad Abbach since the beginning of the new millennium. This amount of endoprosthetics provides undisputed experience for doctors and rapidly grows young talent, contributing to the constant expansion of services and increased innovative ideas.

As the Asklepios Orthopedic Center is integrated into the teaching and research activities at the University of Regensburg, treatment always corresponds to the latest scientific knowledge. As a result, the hospital has numerous certificates and awards for the quality of service, innovation and high efficiency of treatment: the certificate "arthroplasty centre with maximum care", accreditation from the German Society of Orthopedics and Orthopedic Surgery, "1 of the 100 best specialised orthopaedic clinics in the world" according to the magazine "Newsweek" and "the best regional hospital and orthopaedic rehabilitation clinic" according to "Focus" magazine. In addition, the German Society of Infectious Diseases and the Federal Association of Hospital Pharmacists of Germany awarded the clinic for the lowest use of antibiotics in the hospital. The biggest recent news at the clinic in Bad Abbach was a knee joint implant in one day. Already two hours after the operation, the 42-year-old patient stood on his feet again, was able to climb the stairs and went home the same day. Also, the clinic has developed a concept of integrated geriatric care in orthopaedics, unique in Germany, where patients benefit from special activation therapeutic care, joint care by a geriatrician, as well as components such as intensive physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, nutritional advice, speech therapy and social services. The concept of the clinic consists of minimising unnecessary surgical interventions and constant prevention, thanks to which an innovative strategy for the prevention of back pain in children was developed.

The clinic specialises in orthopaedic surgery, conservative therapy, rehabilitation and effective prevention of diseases in the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to investments, permanent qualifications and professors, the medical centre maintains a leading position among the world's orthopaedic centres. Under one roof, specialists with qualifications in orthopaedics, traumatology, neurosurgery, general surgery, pain management, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, manual therapy and sports medicine work hand in hand in consultation for diagnosis and treatment. Psychologists, oncologists, children's orthopedists, and physiotherapists specialising in back problems are consulted.

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200 beds available
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Is the Specialized Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach one of the best in the world?

According to "Newsweek" magazine, the hospital was included in the top 100 best orthopaedic institutions worldwide. In addition, the "Focus" journal identified the clinic as the best in the region.

Is a medical centre a good place for back pain management?

The clinic is a good choice for pain management and uses both standard and newer treatments. In addition to pump pain therapy, doctors use CT guidance to deliver drugs directly into the nerve to reduce inflammation and pain without damaging additional structures (PRT periradicular treatment).

Does the hospital perform trauma surgery?

Thanks to microscopic operating equipment and arthroscopic interventions, the clinic performs minimally traumatic operations for hand, foot and joint injuries, combined with conservative treatment methods. In addition, proficiency in MIS technologies allows for avoiding long rehabilitation.

About the city

Bad Abbach is a famous health resort in the district of Kellheim, located in the Danube Valley in Germany. Famous persons such as Emperor Charles V, and еlector Maria Anna, accompanied by her husband Max Joseph, have been treated and rested here.

The city centre, which is located around the pedestrian area Am Markt, rises above two hills: the Schlossberg with the parish church of St. Nicholas and the ruins of the Abbach castle, and to the south, a second hill with the thermal spa Kaiser Therme, which offers a thermal bath with indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, spa treatments (massages, mud baths, baths) and aqua fitness. A 45-minute stay in the salt cave, which contains Dead Sea salt, is still used for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, heart and blood vessels, skin inflammation, and autonomic nervous system. For the first time, sulfur springs are mentioned in documents from 1262 and were widely known among the Romans as a treatment for rheumatic diseases. The resort park dates back to 1872. During the restoration in 2011, the existing landscape of the park was expanded and modernised with new water features with a rock grotto, a new roundabout in front of the resort, large green areas with deck chairs, and the Hildegard von Bingen herb garden and enclosures for small animals.

In the Middle Ages, the territory belonged to the dominion of the Duchy of Bavaria. Ludwig, I made Abbach the seat of the guard court, which lasted until 1803. Then, thanks to the ducal customs station in front of the imperial city, Regensburg took the place of an economic boom. Now the medical practice is flourishing here using the natural healing resources of nature and the experience of history. The internationally recognised orthopaedic centre of the Specialize Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach and the Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach serves thousands of locals and tourists annually. These clinics combine the experience of the advanced medical network "Asclepios" and, thanks to the investments, have significantly increased the city's popularity. Also, medical centres received their recognition thanks to advanced technologies and professional staff.

Bad Abbach's historical sights and healing properties are ideal for a high-quality holiday for the soul and body with total restoration. In addition, tourism development contributes to opening new and modernising old recreation areas with activities and the restaurant industry.

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