Sikarin Hospital Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand
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Sikarin Hospital Bangkok
Sikarin Hospital Bangkok
Sikarin Hospital Bangkok

About the hospital

Sikarin Hospital Bangkok was opened in 1979 as one of Thailand's leading medical facilities for children and adults. The high quality of service has also led to great popularity among international patients.

The building of medical center has 245 beds and receives 256,000 patients annually. 900 highly qualified doctors and medical personnel ensure the uninterrupted function of the institution. Modern operating rooms are equipped with high-tech equipment, including a HEPA filter.

Significant medical achievements have allowed the clinic to receive numerous awards, such as the APSIC CSSD Center of Excellence Award (2017-2018) and the "Best in a Billion" from Forbes. In addition, the quality of service is guaranteed by the Joint Commission International, health care accreditation, HACCP, and ISO registration certificate. In particular, the field of neurosurgery is important for Bangkok Sikarin Hospital. Doctors have microscopic surgical techniques and equipment that allow monitoring of the condition of nerve endings and the system in general during surgery. This approach makes it possible to treat both tumor lesions of the spine and surgical interventions on the hand, even in complex trauma cases. Patients also appreciate the possibility of a minimally invasive cure for the cardiovascular system using catheters. With chronic or acute conditions, the patient can get a high-precision remedy through one incision, avoiding traumatization of the chest. Children's and adult therapy is also provided according to the latest medical developments and gold world standards. The ABR hearing test and screening for severe congenital heart defects allow the detection of diseases from birth and start treatment immediately to reduce the consequences for health and impaired development in the future. Laparoscopic treatment techniques are available in both routine and emergency general surgery. It should be noted separately that the medical center doctors take on the challenge of the most complex cases and do not refuse in the case of rare diseases. This approach contributes to the constant expansion of services and updating of medical equipment.

Sikarin Сlinic in Bangkok offers cardiology, neurology, oncology, bariatrics, urology, rheumatology, and ophthalmology treatment. In addition, obstetrics and neonatology with highly experienced specialists provide effective treatment for patients worldwide. Rehabilitation and psychological support allow you to consolidate the result. Patient orientation and care at each stage of treatment allow you to experience maximum comfort from the treatment.

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Founded in 1979
256,000 patients
245 beds available
N/A department

What services does the clinic offer for children?

Pediatricians and pediatric surgeons offer treatment of endocrinological, hematological, rheumatological, neurological, skin, gastroenterological and psychological disorders for children from the youngest age up to 18 years.

Is the medical center suitable for foreign patients?

The clinic has a special JCI permit and ISO accreditation, which demonstrates compliance with numerous standards of safety, quality, and effectiveness of treatment for both local and international patients worldwide.

Is the clinic suitable for surgery on organs of the digestive system?

Surgeons have access to gentle organ-sparing treatment methods, including laparoscopy and endoscopy. This approach is based on the absence of large incisions and less traumatization of healthy tissues, allowing the patient to recover faster without rehabilitation.

About the city

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, inhabited by more than 8 million people. The city is particularly charming with its canals connected to the Chauphrai River, which flows into the Gulf.

The metropolis has a charming atmosphere and harmony between modern development and the traditions of a great culture. In particular, during their vacations, guests of the town can climb the "Golden Mountain", which offers a stunning view of the city and its diverse architecture. Walks along the local canals add certain romanticism. In addition to activities, tourists choose local entertainment in the form of the Siam Nyramit show, Thai massage, shopping, and famous national food, including shark fins.

In the 19th century, Bangkok became a relatively large metropolis, preserving its authenticity and traditions. In addition to its political importance, the municipality had and still has significant economic influence. Due to the constant migration of the population to the city, it is considered multinational. Trendy is traditional Thai medicine, which has long been based on herbs and diet, chiropractic, and spiritual healing. In addition, the city is famous for its modern treatment methods. In particular, Bumrungrad International Hospital Bangkok, B.Care Medical Center Bangkok, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, and Sikarin Hospital Bangkok offer some of the best treatments in Thailand. It is mainly distinguished by scientificity and evidence, which is especially important for quick recovery.

The magical nature, rich life of Bangkok, and combination of tradition and modernity allow tourists worldwide to get a versatile rest for both soul and body. Pleasant memories make tourists return to the town again and again.

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