Schoen Clinic Roseneck Prien am Chiemsee

Prien am Chiemsee, Germany
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Schoen Clinic Roseneck Prien am Chiemsee
Schoen Clinic Roseneck Prien am Chiemsee
Schoen Clinic Roseneck Prien am Chiemsee

About the hospital

Schoen Clinic Roseneck Prien am Chiemsee is one of Germany's largest psychosomatic and internationally recognized specialized clinics. The Roseneck Clinic has repeatedly ranked high in the ratings of independent clinics. The two Schoen Clinic Roseneck locations in Prien am Chiemsee are scenically located in Chiemgau and have excellent transport links to Munich and Salzburg.

The clinic's medical staff consists of 750 doctors, psychologists and nursing staff. The world-famous therapeutic centre includes 560 beds in bright, comfortable rooms. Patient care is one of the clinic's priorities, for which it received the European Inspiration Award.

Schoen Clinic Roseneck has specialized in treating complex eating disorders since 1985. More than 20 years of experience and close cooperation with the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich emphasize the high level of treatment based on the latest scientific knowledge. The clinic has ample rooms designed to meet the needs of extremely low-weight patients. The medical team treats patients based on a recommendation-oriented psychotherapeutic concept that combines various methodological approaches. For example, in treating anorexia, doctors use, among other things, the average weight gain in grams per week. Treatment of anorexia as recommended provides a stable weekly weight gain of 500g per week. In 2021, the medical journal Focus named the hospital "Best German National Hospital" for treating psychosomatic diseases.

The medical team develops individual solutions that perfectly match the needs and possibilities of patients. The size of the clinic and many years of experience allow doctors to offer patients specialized treatment concepts not only for eating disorders but for all mental and psychosomatic diseases. In special youth departments, doctors also consider the unique needs of young patients. In addition to the professional experience, the clinic's beautiful location, inviting atmosphere, and warm atmosphere support the therapeutic process.

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Founded in 1984
1,500 patients
560 beds available
N/A departments

What kind of diseases can be treated in the clinic?

Psychological and psychiatric diseases such as ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, emetophobia, anorexia and bulimia, burnout and chronic pain are treated at the hospital by leading specialists in a multidisciplinary manner. Doctors focus on the needs and goals of the patient and consider all factors of illness.

Is the treatment of depression in adolescents available in the hospital?

The medical centre has a separate direction for adolescent psychological problems. Treatment includes cognitive-behavioural therapy, positive activity formation, trigger and support treatment, mindfulness-based group therapy, sports and exercise therapy, and creative therapy.

Is Schoen Clinic Roseneck suitable for chronic tinnitus treatment?

Specialists in chronic tinnitus individually select therapy after detailed exclusion of organic pathology. Biofeedback increases the ability to relax and reduces teeth grinding (bruxism), leading to ear problems. Tinnitus therapy in group cognitive behavioural therapy is the most effective treatment.

Is treatment available on an outpatient basis at the clinic?

Specialists of the hospital address the needs of patients in support of everyday life and offer treatment in the comfort of home and a typical environment in outpatient treatment. In addition, specialists use all the necessary motivational methods to ensure that the patient adheres to the treatment schedule.

About the city

Prien am Chiemsee is a charming town in Bavaria with a breathtaking view of the Chiemsee Lake framed by the high Alpine mountains. The market town of Prien am Chiemsee is the largest settlement on the Chiemsee. The city is a climatic spa and the only Kneipp spa in Upper Bavaria.

The Chiemsee region is known as the "Bavarian Coast", and there are plenty of ways to spend a happy holiday in a beautiful part of Germany. There are only a few noteworthy attractions in Prien itself, although the mode of transportation to the lake is almost considered an attraction. The urban landscape of Prien is incredibly picturesque due to its traditional Upper Bavaria style. Many city houses and shop windows are decorated with exquisite frescoes.

The most important historical monument is the church of St. James in the village of Urshalling with frescoes from the 14th century. There is a gallery in the city's Old Town Hall, which hosts various art exhibitions. Every year, the city hosts many outdoor festivals and concerts, such as the sea festival on the beach, the street art festival and the Christmas market. The city is also home to 2 locations of the Schoen Clinic Roseneck, Germany's leading clinic for treating patients with anorexia.

Prien am Chiemsee offers visitors a unique combination of lake life, mountains, nature and culture. The city has a wide variety of traditional German cafes where city guests can try schnitzel or pork knuckle in beer sauce. Residents and guests of the town constantly enjoy warm summer evenings with open-air music, beach parties on the shore and delicious cocktails in numerous chill-out bars.

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