Schoen Clinic Neustadt

Neustadt, Germany
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Schoen Clinic Neustadt
Schoen Clinic Neustadt
Schoen Clinic Neustadt

About the hospital

Schoen Clinic Neustadt is a hospital that provides primary, regular and emergency care. The medical centre is an academic teaching hospital of the University of Lubeck, which guarantees patients diagnostics and treatment according to the latest scientific medical discoveries. The clinic is located directly on the shore of the Baltic Sea, between Kiel and Lubeck. The incredible view from the wards also contributes to the speedy recovery of patients.

Around 1,200 employees of Schoen Clinic Neustadt treat 70,000 inpatients and outpatients from Germany and other countries every year on an interdisciplinary and interprofessional basis. The clinic has eight departments and two specialized centres. The medical centre includes 560 beds, which are located in comfortable rooms overlooking the sea.

A wide range of procedures in the clinic is focused on each patient. Qualified medical, nursing and therapeutic staff treat patients based on new scientific discoveries and guidelines. The hospital invests in modern medical equipment and has a modern surgical centre. The vibrant, healing architecture also contributes to patients' well-being and faster recovery. The clinic has a 24-hour emergency outpatient clinic, a state-of-the-art cardiac catheterization laboratory and a bowel and pelvic floor centre. Schoen Clinic Neustadt also boasts a certified Parkinson's Center that offers reliable and comprehensive diagnostics and a wide range of treatments. Moreover, based in the hospital, there is a Chest Pain Unit and Stroke Unit, which are always ready to provide emergency medical care.

Specialists in orthopaedics and traumatology, surgery, internal medicine with cardiology, neurology and orthopaedic rehabilitation offer highly qualified medical services for treating diseases and injuries of the entire musculoskeletal system, nervous and cardiovascular systems. The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology employs world-renowned specialists who specialize in the surgical treatment of pain in the hip joint. Doctors use minimally invasive and soft tissue-sparing surgical interventions. In addition to medical and surgical treatment, specialists use acupuncture, physiotherapy, electrotherapy, occupational therapy and psychotherapy. For the medical team, the patient's emotional state is especially important, so the doctor and nurses surround them with maximum care and support.

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Founded in 1993
70,000 patients
560 beds available
N/A departments

What is the main focus of the clinic?

The main medical areas are treating artificial joints (endoprosthetics) and spine surgery. The hospital invests in modern medical equipment and has a modern surgical centre and doctors who received the Nobel Prize.

Is the clinic good for surgical treatment of colon cancer?

Surgeons of the oncology department offer a wide range of services for minor and significant radical operations. For example, transanal excision and transanal endoscopic microsurgery are minimally invasive removal of a tumour and performed using "keyhole" technology with a minimal incision.

Can I have rehabilitation at Schoen Clinic Neustadt?

The magazine FOCUS has recognized the medical centre for orthopaedic rehabilitation as one of the best rehabilitation facilities in Germany. The main direction of recovery is treatment after operations and functional disorders due to accidents and conservative treatment of degenerative diseases.

Do doctors offer Parkinson's treatment in the hospital?

The treatment of Parkinson's disease consists of a combination of medication and therapeutic measures, such as physiotherapy, occupational cure, dance or pool. The clinic performs for installing a brain pacemaker, the so-called deep brain stimulation and settings for pump therapy (apomorphine and duodopa).

About the city

Neustadt is located in Holstein, in the far north of Germany. A small town, with a population of only 15,000, located near Kiel and Lubeck, right by the sea. The beautiful city is more than 750 years old, it used to be famous for its port, and now it is a popular holiday destination.

Neustadt's harbour is the perfect place to experience marine life by watching small boats, eating fish sandwiches, and strolling around. The city has much to offer art and culture lovers away from the harbour. The field and fun agricultural machinery exhibition, the sculpture park, the rose and herb garden, and the palm cafe provide a wide variety for all tastes. The city also has many cafes and restaurants where travellers can taste fresh fish or seafood.

Neustadt has many squares, residential streets, taverns, small shops and traditional trade workshops. Residents of the town are very fond of various sports. The best-known and largest club is TSV Neustadt in Holstein, with around 1600 members involved in football, handball, gymnastics, athletics, judo, cycling and more. The city pays special attention to the healthcare sector. Neustadt, with three local hospitals, is considered a health city. Schoen Clinic offers medical services in the field of orthopaedics and traumatology, surgery and cardiology. The clinic also houses the world-famous Parkinson's Center.

From the beach to the city, from sunbathing to shopping - Neustadt in Holstein is perfect for a change during the beach holiday. A trip to the town can also be very relaxing for adults and children. 

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