Schoen Clinic Lorsch

Lorsch, Germany
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Schoen Clinic Lorsch
Schoen Clinic Lorsch
Schoen Clinic Lorsch

About the hospital

Schoen Clinic Lorsch is one of the modern leading centres in the region in the field of orthopaedics, surgery and sports traumatology. The clinic's medical team develops and implements various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures based on the latest research results in the field of medicine. The clinic opened its doors in 1910 and has provided highly qualified medical care to the residents of Lorsch and the surrounding regions.

The clinic has been specializing in treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system for over 30 years and treats about 17,000 outpatients and inpatients annually. The Schoen Clinic Lorsch is located in the centre of the Rhine-Main-Neckar district between Darmstadt and Mannheim. The clinic is designed for 107 beds located in bright and spacious rooms. Nursing staff accompanies patients from admission to discharge at all stages of treatment.

Patient safety and quality are Schoen Clinic Lorsch's top priorities and an important metric to ensure patient satisfaction. A team of specialists achieves high-quality medical care by constantly developing processes, realizing the potential for improvement and eliminating factors that disrupt work. The clinic annually has many awards and certificates due to qualified treatment. After rigorous testing, the specialist centre for spinal surgery at the Schoen Clinic Lorsch has been certified by the German Spine Association as a spinal centre. A specialized association operating throughout the country thus confirms the high medical quality of the Lorsch Clinic in the treatment of diseases of the spine.

The clinic's doctors are among the best specialists in orthopaedics, spine and shoulder joint surgery and sports traumatology. It has been confirmed by the certification of the maximum care endoprosthesis centre, the DWG certification as a spinal centre, the Focus Gesundheit magazine and the AOK hospital navigator - for many years. In an emergency, the medical team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The main goal of the clinic staff is to support all patients so that they become independent as soon as possible.

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Founded in 1910
17,000 patients
107 beds available
N/A department

Can I have spine surgery at Schoen Clinic Lorsch?

Doctors at the specialized centre for spinal surgery apply modern treatment methods using minimally traumatic techniques with the highest precision, high-quality safety-tested materials and neuromonitoring with maximum preservation of functions and significantly reduced complications. 

Do doctors offer shoulder surgery?

Orthopedists offer advanced treatment for attachment of a separated biceps (SLAP Repair), transfer of the tendon to the head of the humerus, and removal of the tendon (tenotomy). Also, if surgery is necessary, even complex diseases and shoulder injuries are often treated with the help of arthroscopic.

Should I choose a hospital for knee injuries and diseases?

Arthroscopic, minimally invasive surgery of knee joint injuries, knee ligament injuries, suturing and partial meniscus replacement, meniscus transplantation, cartilage stimulation procedures, and cartilage cell transplantation with high efficiency, making the medical centre popular around the world.

About the city

Lorsch is a small town in the Bergstrasse district south of Hesse. Lorsch, called "the gateway to the mountain road", is located about five kilometers west of the mountain road, between Einhausen and Heppenheim.

The picturesque area of ​​the city of Lorsch is known thanks to the located Lorsch Monastery, a World Heritage Site. It is a religious building and museum that will tell a lot about Lorsch and his area. The King's Hall and the church are the most impressive, and at Lorsch Abbey, at least 2 Carolingian kings are buried. Nearby is the German Wine Route in the vibrant Pfalzwald region, where guests can visit wine festivals from March to November.

There are some charming half-timbered houses on the market square of Lorsch. The town hall, built in 1714, is beautiful and worthy of a photo shoot. Guests of the city can visit the garden of Benedictine herbs and even the Lorsch Tobacco Museum. The city is home to the Schoen Clinic Lorsch, which specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases in orthopedics, surgery, and sports traumatology.

Lorsch is characterized by an exceptionally mild and sunny climate, where kiwi fruit, almonds, figs, and peaches grow. When the day of sightseeing is over, visitors to the city can catch a performance at the Rex Concert Hall or the Sapperlot Theatre. The city also has many bakeries where traditional bread is prepared from flour, butter, anise, and raisins. In addition, Lorch has a beer garden tucked away in the Hessian harbor.

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