Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling

Bad Aibling, Germany
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Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling
Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling
Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling

About the hospital

Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling is a world-renowned hospital focusing on orthopaedics and neurology. On the edge of the Alps, the medical centre offers a wide range of highly qualified and interdisciplinary medical care.

In the Schoen Clinic, which opened in May 2019 and has over 440 beds, around 1,250 employees provide state-of-the-art treatments with the highest level of specialized orthopaedic and neurological expertise. Treatment is carried out on an inpatient and outpatient basis. The medical team supports patients around the clock and is responsible for comprehensive nursing care at a high level. In addition, doctors treat many foreigners, so the medical centre offers translation services.

According to the prestigious Focus magazine, the medical centre is one of the best rehabilitation clinics for neurology in Germany. The clinic is actively researching and developing innovative technical procedures and therapeutic concepts. The SK Clinical Research Department has a professional and standardized infrastructure covering all aspects of clinical research. The extensive therapeutic range is based on the latest results of research studies. The treatment plan is tailored to the patient's individual requirements, goals and needs. Targeted collaboration with resident doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists or self-help groups is part of the clinic's concept, which guarantees that patients receive the best possible medical care even after they have left the hospital.

The main direction of the clinic is acute neurology with its stroke department and intensive care unit, as well as early neurological rehabilitation. Computer and robotic therapies in the hospital’s "hand studio" deserve special attention. In addition to Armeo Power and Armeo Spring, the department can offer Amadeo and Pablo Plus technology. Other focus areas are spinal and orthopaedic surgery, rehabilitation, and the Alzheimer's Therapy Center. As a medical intermediary between neurology and orthopaedics, the clinic operates a department of emergency geriatrics. Doctors and staff show cordiality daily in treating and caring for patients who often require intensive care.

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Founded in 2019
10,000 patients
440 beds available
N/A department

Is the hospital good for orthopaedic surgery?

The clinic has become a certified centre of endoprosthetics and orthopaedics thanks to high-precision equipment. As a result, surgical techniques are performed minimally invasively through the smallest accesses, preserving healthy tissue and reducing the risks of complications, infection, or poor healing.

Can I have diabetic foot treatment at Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling?

The medical centre offers conservative and surgical treatment for the diabetic foot. In advanced cases, minimally invasive and microscopic techniques for correcting displacements targeted a decrease in pressure in the area of ​​the sole and, thus, the healing of ulcers.

Will I have rehabilitation after my surgery?

The clinic provides comprehensive medical care, including qualified rehabilitation. The department uses occupational therapy, functional electrical stimulation and mirror therapy, muscle activation, sports medicine, and robotic technologies to improve limb function, balance and walking.

What equipment is available at the clinic?

Robotic high-precision restoration of upper limb functions and the wide range of applications of robotic therapy to support the recovery of mobility and the ability to walk in the best possible way, such as EKSO-Skeleton, Lokomat and GEO, are available for rehabilitation.

About the city

Bad Aibling is a Bavarian resort town in southern Germany, close to the Austrian border. It is a charming city with many idyllic scenes and picturesque architecture. It is here that Glonn Creek meets the Mangfall River, which meanders lazily in the nearby landscape.

The most famous attraction of Bad Aibling is the Therme Spa. This incredible building with magnificent architecture offers a wide range of treatments. The local Kurpark is also worth visiting and is ideal for an evening in nature. The lake deserves special attention, which is a beautiful sight. The local recreation center offers numerous water sports for adventurous travelers, and there is an ice skating rink next to the Therme Spa. Both provide excellent friendly service.

Bad Aibling is a city committed to both its history and progress. The city and some other resorts in the area use local peat for some treatments. Peat is rich in nutrients and treats everything from skin conditions to arthritis. It was also the reason for opening the world-famous Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling. The medical center specializes in the treatment of orthopedic and neurological diseases, as well as rehabilitation.

The landscape of Southern Bavaria is stunning, especially around the town of Bad Aibling. The city has many open-air festivals and enough gastronomic delights. Despite its small size, Bad Aibling has many pubs and bars. The town is recommended for visiting, as it can offer a wide variety of pastimes.

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