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Department of neurological rehabilitation

Dr. med. Christopher Herrmann
neurology, neurological rehabilitation

About the department

The department of neurological rehabilitation at Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Gailingen specializes in the rehabilitation of patients with chronic central and peripheral nervous system disorders. The department's medical team primarily treats patients at the stage of neurological rehabilitation C, D, and E. The department consists of an interdisciplinary team of doctors, psychologists and therapists that analyses the type and cause of the illness and creates a tailor-made therapy plan to compile the individual life history, world of thoughts and feelings of the patient, and social context into account. More than 3,000 patients undergo rehabilitation in the department annually. 

The department's focus key is to treat multiple sclerosis. Since 2015, the department has been certified by the German Multiple Sclerosis Society, which has awarded the clinic the status of a "rehabilitation centre for multiple sclerosis". For over 20 years, the department has had a unit of Psychotherapeutic Neurology, which offers patients a complex of medical and psychotherapeutic treatment methods. In addition, the department offers special conditions for medical-vocational rehabilitation with a modern workshop and office space. 

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Treatment and diagnostic focus of the department


  • Functional disorders of the nervous system
  • Benign and malignant brain tumours
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Post-Covid Syndrome
  • Pain syndrome in neurological diseases
  • Spastic movement disorder


  • Anamnesis (history of the disease) 
  • Physical examination 
  • Laboratory and biochemical analysis (blood, liquor) 
  • Vascular ultrasound of the cervical and cerebral arteries (Doppler, Duplex, TCD)
  • Echocardiography 
  • Electrocardiography, long-term ECG, stress ECG 
  • Lung function tests
  • Sleep apnea screening
  • Standardized functional therapeutic diagnostics
  • Visual field perimetry
  • Videoendoscopic swallowing diagnostics
  • Neuroradiology (MRT/CT) and X-rays in cooperation with the Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Allensbach


  • Drug treatment
  • Physiotherapy, sports therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Neuropsychology
  • Psychotherapy (cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic, trauma or pain therapy, biofeedback)
  • Creative therapies (art and design therapy, body psychotherapy, music therapy)
  • Auto- and heterosuggestions therapy (yoga, Jacobson, mindfulness)
  • Speech therapy, swallowing therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Social service
  • Leisure/recreational therapy
  • Health education and nutritional advice
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