Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Toelz

Bad Toelz, Germany
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Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Toelz
Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Toelz
Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Toelz

About the hospital

Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Toelz is a specialized rehabilitation center for patients with neurological disorders. The hospital has been operating since 1860, and its building has been repeatedly updated and modernized according to modern world criteria.

Successful certification by BSI Group Deutschland by the IQMP compact procedure confirms the high safety of the treatment and the quality of rehabilitation services. Patients get the opportunity to restore lost functions and reduce neurological deficits with a view of the Alps in the fresh mountain air.

Doctors of different specializations interact with each other to define the limits of rehabilitation in detail. For the cure of each case, individual approaches and the most suitable recovery methods are used. In particular, much attention is paid to the Bobat concept, which allows the development and remodeling of affected brain areas. The basis is the repetition of exercises with the appropriate intensity. In addition, neurologists and rehabilitators are developing manual therapy to reduce pain. Effect on trigger points and fascia allows for reducing the number of painkillers and increasing confidence in movements. Doctors can use proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and kinesio tape with speech therapy exercises and physiotherapy. The speech therapy service also works on swallowing disorders. Three FEES (fibroendoscopic swallowing examination) trainers certified by the German Society of Neurology and Stroke Society work in the neurology department. Detailed video analysis of the gait allows for investigating the main problems and the progress of the cure, discussing them in detail with the patient, and developing additional remedies if necessary. The most significant advantage of Bad Toelz Rehabilitation Center Asklepios is the availability of modern simulators for restoring motor function. Vector is used for safely learning to walk, climb stairs, master complex exercises, and perform activities of daily living (ADLs). Training safety is ensured by reducing the weight on the legs and gradually increasing it with progression. Armeo Spring is used for three-dimensional functional training of the upper limbs. The simulator evaluates the patient's movements in detail and transmits the necessary information to the doctor. In accumulation, the Handtutor can be helpful in significant impairment of hand movements because, thanks to the sensors, the trainer senses and analyzes the slightest movements. The STIWELL med4 stimulation device allows you to develop muscle function, relax, and reduce local pain.

Rehabilitation Hospital Asklepios Bad Toelz helps patients with stroke, Parkinson's disease, neurological injuries, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and neuropathies. After the primary treatment, patients can restore lost functions, learn to walk, self-care, and restore work capacity.

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Founded in 1860
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Should I choose Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Toelz for restoration after a brain injury?

The hospital offers patients who have undergone primary treatment an effective combination of various rehabilitation methods to restore walking, balance, and limb movements and reduce pain even after severe head injuries.

What are the latest technologies at the medical center?

STIWELL med4, bimanutrack, Armeo Spring, and Handtutor are the newest exercise machines with specially built-in devices for the analysis and development of an individual rehabilitation program of limbs of arms and legs.

Is the hospital suitable for speech-impaired patients?

Certified speech therapists of the rehabilitation clinic provide their services in the field of speech disorders and correct the clarity, speed, and volume of speech. In addition, doctors have extensive experience in diagnosing the causes of swallowing disorders.

About the city

Bad Toelz is a German town in Bavaria with over 19,000 inhabitants and is famous for its spas and historic buildings.

The municipality is the gateway to the Alps, offering an incredible view of the mountains. In addition, iodine springs are located on the west bank of the Isar River, and the town consists of a lake network. Such rich nature and clean air are beautiful among tourists. Also nearby is the highest mountain in Germany - the Zugspitze. In addition, the city is dotted with Gothic churches, Linderhof and Neuschwanstein castles, and museums that encourage hiking and outdoor recreation.

Bad Toelz achieved its greatest prosperity thanks to the river system, which contributed to active trade. As a result, it received official market rights at the beginning of the 14th century. Furthermore, the municipality was also an important center of artistic carpentry and the brewing industry. In the 19th century, the final choice for further city development took place. Bad Toelz received the official resort title after discovering healing iodine springs. It also contributed to the increase of villas, sanatoriums, and hospitals. In particular, Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Toelz and Asklepios Hospital Bad Toelz have become the most critical medical development and quality improvement in the region for clients from all over the world.

The clean mountain air, healing waters, and relaxed atmosphere of Bad Toelz make tourists choose the town for vacation again and again. A European resort with German quality will not leave the most demanding tourist indifferent.

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