Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach

Bad Abbach, Germany
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Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach
Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach
Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach

About the hospital

Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach is located in the charming spa town of Bad Abbach and is one of the top rehabilitation hubs in Germany. The range of services provided in the clinic has been significantly expanded due to cooperation with the orthopaedic hospitals, and the qualifications of the medical staff are constantly being improved. As a result, various types of therapy for problems of the musculoskeletal system, pain therapy and disease prevention are concentrated under one roof. Furthermore, the natural healing properties of local nature, numerous green areas, and mountains harmoniously integrate into modern architecture and the hospital’s interior. High-tech equipment and additional devices for moving around the building make the stay as active and reliable as possible. In addition, constant support from staff and doctors helps to overcome all fears before total activity.

The clinic staff individually approaches each case and provides attention and care to everyone. Medical professionals in orthopaedics, osteopathy, acupuncture, physical rehabilitation, nutrition and psychology are gathered in Rehabilitation Clinic in Bad Abbach for the fastest possible recovery of their patients.

Osteopathy focuses on the causes of symptoms and tries to activate the body’s ability to heal. Massage treatments help to relax tense muscles and joints, relieving pain. Furthermore, the treatment is based on the scientific basis of neurophysiology (Vojta, PNF, Maitland). Mackenzie, Siriaks and Brugger’s therapy effectively solves the problems of intervertebral disc and spine diseases and promotes the development of back muscles. Thus, in some cases, patients can even avoid surgery. Therapy based on Klein Vogelbach’s functional theory of movement works on vulnerable parts of the body, strengthening them comprehensively. Also, a well-thought-out and carefully selected set of exercises will prevent injuries in the future. Understanding the needs of patients, the medical centre has developed highly effective pain therapy, which includes drug and non-drug modern methods. Nutritional correction and the involvement of psychologists help maintain results as long as possible after discharge and motivate patients in general recovery and formation of sustainable motivation for a better life. To offer the best treatment and safety, all professional groups involved in patient care work hand in hand and regularly share information. The clinic works following international standards and recommendations from the World Health Organization and the Patient Safety Action Alliance. 

Thanks to the experience of the “Asklepios” network, the traditions of the healing area and the quality of German medicine, the clinic is enjoying popularity far beyond the borders of the country due to its unique, comprehensive approach to the patient’s needs, cooperation with other hospitals and constant improvement. In the clinic, you can get treatment for orthopaedic and traumatology diseases, rehabilitation, and most importantly, prevention of complications or future diseases to avoid complex and expensive treatment.

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Is pain therapy available at Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach?

The hospital offers a wide range of services to overcome patient pain and uses all modern and long-proven methods. For example, laser acupuncture ensures the absence of punctures and infection on the skin, directing impulses more efficiently and analyzing the work area.

Will the medical centre help me regain movement?

Doctors are constantly searching for new ways to maximize the body's capabilities. Therefore, the clinic offers a wide range of services, such as Vojta cure, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, and Maitland therapy for the spine. The methods are selected individually and can be used simultaneously.

Can I go to the hospital for help with scoliosis?

The clinic has good experience in treating scoliosis thanks to Lehnert-Schroth therapy. In addition, special breathing exercises, perception training and exercises in the upright position are developed to prevent future complications and reduce pain sensations.

About the city

Bad Abbach is a famous health resort in the district of Kellheim, located in the Danube Valley in Germany. Famous persons such as Emperor Charles V, and еlector Maria Anna, accompanied by her husband Max Joseph, have been treated and rested here.

The city centre, which is located around the pedestrian area Am Markt, rises above two hills: the Schlossberg with the parish church of St. Nicholas and the ruins of the Abbach castle, and to the south, a second hill with the thermal spa Kaiser Therme, which offers a thermal bath with indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, spa treatments (massages, mud baths, baths) and aqua fitness. A 45-minute stay in the salt cave, which contains Dead Sea salt, is still used for diseases of the upper respiratory tract, heart and blood vessels, skin inflammation, and autonomic nervous system. For the first time, sulfur springs are mentioned in documents from 1262 and were widely known among the Romans as a treatment for rheumatic diseases. The resort park dates back to 1872. During the restoration in 2011, the existing landscape of the park was expanded and modernised with new water features with a rock grotto, a new roundabout in front of the resort, large green areas with deck chairs, and the Hildegard von Bingen herb garden and enclosures for small animals.

In the Middle Ages, the territory belonged to the dominion of the Duchy of Bavaria. Ludwig, I made Abbach the seat of the guard court, which lasted until 1803. Then, thanks to the ducal customs station in front of the imperial city, Regensburg took the place of an economic boom. Now the medical practice is flourishing here using the natural healing resources of nature and the experience of history. The internationally recognised orthopaedic centre of the Specialize Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach and the Rehabilitation Clinic Asklepios Bad Abbach serves thousands of locals and tourists annually. These clinics combine the experience of the advanced medical network "Asclepios" and, thanks to the investments, have significantly increased the city's popularity. Also, medical centres received their recognition thanks to advanced technologies and professional staff.

Bad Abbach's historical sights and healing properties are ideal for a high-quality holiday for the soul and body with total restoration. In addition, tourism development contributes to opening new and modernising old recreation areas with activities and the restaurant industry.

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