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Abromiskes, Lithuania
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Department of cardiological rehabilitation

Dr. Jelizaveta Marmukonyte
cardiological rehabilitation
The department of cardiological rehabilitation at Rehabilitation Center Abromiskes provides comprehensive rehabilitation services to patients who have undergone cardiovascular disease and heart surgery. The department offers both inpatient and outpatient medical care. The department has modern diagnostic equipment for assessing
Dr. Laura Vaisvyliene image

Department of neurological rehabilitation

Dr. Laura Vaisvyliene
neurological rehabilitation
The neurological rehabilitation department at Rehabilitation Center Abromiskes provides high-quality rehabilitation for patients with neurological diseases of any severity, complications of neurological disorders and comorbidities. Rehabilitation programs are individually adapted for each child, depending on the clinical indicat
Dr. Jokubas Jurenas image

Department of orthopaedic rehabilitation

Dr. Jokubas Jurenas
orthopaedics rehabilitation
The orthopaedic rehabilitation department at Rehabilitation Center Abromiskes provides a full range of classic and innovative rehabilitation interventions for patients with diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including those with chronic pain syndromes. The main goal of rehabilitation treatment is to restor
Dr. Lilija Sugintiene image

Department of pediatric rehabilitation

Dr. Lilija Sugintiene
paediatrics, pediatric rehabilitation
The department of pediatric rehabilitation at Rehabilitation Center Abromiskes conducts comprehensive rehabilitation activities for children and adolescents with diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, and central and peripheral nervous system. Each patient receives an individual treatment regim
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