Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Centre Hanover

Hanover, Germany
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Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Centre Hanover
Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Centre Hanover
Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Centre Hanover

About the hospital

Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Center Hanover is a leading German clinic specializing in radiosurgery and radiation therapy for malignant and benign neoplasms. The clinic treats tumors and metastases using ultra-precise devices like the Gamma Knife ICON.

Since 1998, more than 10,000 patients have been successfully treated in Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Centre. Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis and, less often, inpatient. The clinic patients live in comfortable rooms decorated in bright colors. Each room has an automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, and a private bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Optionally, an accompanying person can live with the patient.

Treatment with Elekta's Leksell Gamma Knife is the gold standard in radiosurgery. Lars Leksell invented this unrivaled treatment in 1968. The Gamma Knife ICON allows the clinic to treat tumors with high precision and maximum safety. Clinical studies over almost 50 years provide convincing evidence of the effectiveness of treatment with minimal side effects for patients. Based on the rich experience of neuroradiologists, the clinic uses the best imaging techniques to respond quickly to changes in the disease.

The center has a competent team of therapists, neurosurgeons, and radiosurgeons. Exceptionally highly qualified doctors treat patients with excellent clinical skills, specialization, talents, and knowledge. The clinic has everything needed, including modern equipment, caring medical staff, and a friendly atmosphere, to give many cancer patients a chance for a complete cure.

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Founded in 1998
10,000 patients
N/A beds available
1 department

What treatment options are available at Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Center Hanover?

The leading German clinic specializes in radiosurgery and radiotherapy of malignant and benign neoplasms. It treats tumors and metastases with ultra-precise devices like the ICON gamma knife. A comprehensive approach and individual treatment planning are essential components of the center.

What methods of oncology therapy does the hospital use?

Treatment with Elekta's Leksell gamma knife and ICON GammaKnife allows the clinic to treat tumors safely with high precision. Effectiveness has been proven by clinical research for 50 years. In addition, the medical center uses high-tech equipment to assess treatment efficacy and adjust appointments.

Do I need to use the services of an additional hospital?

A full range of diagnostics and treatments is available in the clinic. Laboratories and the involvement of additional specialists are available under one roof. This care for patients considers their needs and ensures the most comfortable treatment.

Doctor in Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Centre Hanover

About the city

The port city of Hanover is one of the largest settlements in Germany. It is located in the federal state of Lower Saxony on the banks of the river Leine and the Middle German Canal. In the past, the residence of the Hanoverian kings of Great Britain, and today the center of modern digital technologies in Germany, Hannover is attractive to tourists.

Hanover is the hometown of the famous Baron Munchausen. The house of the eccentric baron is located near the city. An exciting attraction is the Leibniz House. One of the most outstanding mathematicians lived in this house for 18 years. Hanover hosts several world-class events annually, attracting thousands of guests and participants. The Violinale violin competition and the Hanover Messe industrial fair are among them. The city has many parks, gardens, and reservoirs where you can relax, breathe fresh air and ride a pleasure boat.

The famous Hanover Medical Academy was founded in 1965. Ph.D. students and scholars from around the world are involved in various research projects at MHH and partner institutions. These activities are consolidated at the Hanover School for Biomedical Research (HBRS). Also, the International Neuroscience Institute is well-known for its unique architecture and high level of medicine. In addition, the Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Center is a leading German clinic specializing in radiosurgery and radiation therapy.

The picturesque German city combines modern architecture, historical monuments, and many parks and green spaces, so its visitors will not be bored. On the contrary, visiting Hanover will undoubtedly become a highlight for every tourist and give many pleasant experiences.

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