Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Bramstedt

Bad Bramstedt, Germany
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Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Bramstedt
Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Bramstedt
Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Bramstedt

About the hospital

The Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Bramstedt is Germany's most prominent specialized psychosomatics and psychotherapy clinic for treating acute and rehabilitation patients. The clinic's medical team offers various treatments adapted to the clinical picture. Furthermore, the medical centre cooperates with the University of Hamburg and the University of Lubeck, which allows the clinic's specialists to use the latest scientific discoveries in the field of psychology.

The medical centre employs more than 300 qualified employees who treat more than 3,200 patients annually. The clinic is designed for 400 beds in comfortable wards. The medical team relies on modern and scientifically recognized procedures and constantly improves the clinic's range of medical services.

The relationship between patients and nursing staff should be characterized by empathy and acceptance. The purpose of the medical centre is to provide patients with the professional and individual support they need to live independently. Thanks to the guaranteed 24-hour nursing staff, immediate intervention can be carried out in acute crises or emergencies. The functional-diagnostic direction of the clinic consists of detailed personal medical diagnostics with comprehensive conclusions, including, for example, ECG recording, ergometry, blood tests, blood pressure measurement, special consultations and X-ray diagnostics. The medical centre is also responsible for drug control, offering only drugs from trusted manufacturers. The task of psychosomatic care is to provide patients with the possibility of a mutual exchange of feelings and experiences. It includes comprehensive support and support for people who find themselves in life situations in which they need professional help.

The medical team focuses on treating anxiety disorders, ADHD with persistence in adulthood, burnout, chronic pain disorders, depression of various origins, eating disorders and personality disorders. In the psychosomatic clinic, patients receive excellent therapy, peace, and attention. In Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen, under the guidance of experienced doctors, psychologists and therapists, patients can entirely focus on themselves and find the joy of life again.

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Founded in 1993
3,200 patients
400 beds available
N/A department

Does the medical centre treat body dysmorphic disorder? 

The clinic's cognitive-behavioural strategies, such as exposure and body acceptance therapy, effectively treat body dysmorphic disorder. However, in the most severe cases, drug therapy is available only in combination with cognitive-behavioural treatment for better results.

Will I receive an additional body examination if I am diagnosed with bulimia?

Laboratory tests check the blood for electrolyte disorders, liver dysfunction, and digestive enzymes. ECG allows for to detection of such consequences as cardiac arrhythmia. Finally, a physical examination deals with possible collateral damage, such as inflammation of the salivary glands and swelling.

Why is Clinic Schoen Bad Bramstedt good for treating sleep disorders?

In addition to conventional treatments such as cognitive-behavioural therapy and medication, doctors offer CPAP as an effective method to help manage obstructive sleep apnea OSA. While you sleep, a machine provides a constant flow of air at constant pressure through the mask.

About the city

The spa town of Bad Bramstedt is located in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, where forests and swamps give way to floodplain meadows. The city is located close to Hamburg. The first memories of Bad Bramstedt date back to the 3rd-6th century.

Surrounded by extensive forests and moorlands, Bad Bramstedt stands proudly above the beautiful wetlands of Schleswig-Holstein. This health resort houses Germany's largest psychosomatic clinic. Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen offers qualified medical care to patients with mental and psychosomatic diseases. Visitors can also try mud treatments, a dream come true for anyone looking to relieve rheumatic conditions, chronic pain, and spinal and joint problems. Sports activities on the agenda provide an alternative form of relaxation and rejuvenation. At the same time, the famous "Garden of the Senses", inspired by Sebastian Kneipp, one of the founders of the naturopathic medicine movement, is a delight.

Since Bad Bramstedt is dotted with numerous floodplains, it is an exciting place for kayakers, for whom there are multiple boat rentals. Bad Bramstedt also has two golf courses, an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court, and the Bramstedter Turnerschaft sports club. In addition, the city has a well-developed cycling network with over 69 kilometers of trails.

Nature in Bad Bramstedt is the main thing to which tourists come. In the city, guests can actively spend their holidays and improve their health.

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