Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Arolsen

Bad Arolsen, Germany
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Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Arolsen
Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Arolsen
Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Arolsen

About the hospital

Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen Bad Arolsen is the third largest psychosomatic clinic in Germany. In the former residential town of Bad Arolsen, idyllically located between Kassel and Paderborn, the clinic's psychologists and therapists help patients regenerate body and soul.

More than half of all Schoen Clinic Bad Arolsen medical staff work in the department as co-therapists in youth and adult treatment. In addition to administrative tasks, they perform independent therapeutic functions and are permanent members of a multidisciplinary team. About 80% of inpatients report that their symptoms and quality of life have improved markedly after being treated in the clinic.

The medical team's work is characterized by a high level of professionalism combined with many years of experience and sympathy. When a patient is admitted to the clinic, a team of highly qualified doctors draws up a treatment plan. Treatment is tailored to the patient's medical history, resources and needs. Every year the clinic receives many awards and quality marks, which proves doctors' high level of knowledge and patient satisfaction. The medical journal Focus named the clinic "Best National Hospital 2021" for its treatment of depression. The clinic staff never rests on the achieved goals and always tries to improve the level of quality in the clinic through professional development.

The medical centre treats diseases such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder or ADHD. The Tinnitus Center is one of the leading institutions in Germany. In individual and group therapy, doctors identify the causes of your disease and develop personal strategies to restore patients' quality of life in the long term. Medical staff also rely on various therapies such as exposure therapy, art therapy, or animal therapy.

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Founded in 1992
3,500 patients
312 beds available
N/A department

Is the Schoen Bad Arolsen Psychosomatic Clinic suitable for the treatment of depression?

Doctors of the medical centre apply new effective methods of treating depression, such as teaching and learning new patterns of behaviour and thinking, accumulating positive experiences and developing individual strategies for solving the problem. Modern complex treatment has a high level of efficiency.

Can doctors help me with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

The medical centre offers individual and multimodal therapy for PTSD, considering biological, psychological and social aspects. Treatment includes medication, cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR (eye movement trauma desensitization and reprocessing), or group psychotherapy.

How effective is the treatment of psychological problems in the clinic?

About 80% of patients reported that their symptoms and quality of life improved significantly after treatment. Thanks to the involvement of various specialists in drawing up an individual treatment plan, all provoking factors are taken into account, which allows for excellent long-term results.

About the city

Bad Arolsen is a small green town in northern Hesse in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. A German-Dutch tourist road called the Orange Route runs through the city, connecting cities and regions associated with the House of Orange-Nassau.

The most turbulent period of growth and construction of Bad Arolsen came in the 18th century. Therefore, the historical center of the city is the baroque quarters. The main attraction is Arolsen Castle, built in 1713. Of particular importance is the outstanding stucco work of Andrea Gallamini and the ceiling paintings by the Italian artist Carlo Ludovico Castelli. A feature of the old layout is the Grand Alley, which was laid in 1670. The alley stretches for 1600 meters. It is bordered by six rows of oaks (more than 800 trees in total).

The city has a rather interesting civil coat of arms depicting a 9-year-old oak tree with four acorns. The oak symbolizes the surrounding forests and, indirectly, the fresh air, thanks to which Bad Arolsen is known as a climatic health resort. In addition, the town is famous for its Psychosomatic Clinic Schoen, where experienced therapists and psychologists provide high-quality medical care. The medical center is the third largest in Germany, dealing with psychosomatic diseases.

During the warm weeks of spring, summer, and autumn, many people visit the city for a walk and enjoy the shady park atmosphere. Full of historical events, Bad Arolsen attracts more and more tourists every year.

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