Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Wildenfels

Wildenfels, Germany
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Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Wildenfels
Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Wildenfels
Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Wildenfels

About the hospital

Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Wildenfels opened in 1999 as the region's reference center for treating psychiatric, drug, and gambling addiction. The invaluable long-term experience of doctors and the high efficiency of cure allowed the hospital to receive high recognition.

Today, the medical center is designed for 145 inpatient beds, 21 inpatient beds, 48 ​​rehabilitation beds for addictions, and an outpatient clinic of a psychiatric institute. In the field of narcology, the hospital is of national importance. Furthermore, the medical center is a reference infirmary of the German pension insurance of central Germany for treating gambling addiction and pathological PC use.

Doctors offer a variety of therapies, including medical and psychological individual counseling, cognitive training, integrative resource-based group psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, relaxation techniques such as autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation, light and awakening therapy, and electroconvulsive cure. In accumulation, additional treatment and rehabilitation are available: a basic socio-therapeutic program (including occupational therapy, movement, and music therapy), a psycho-pedagogical group, physiotherapeutic measures, and physical rehabilitation and sports therapy. Also, in complement to non-pharmacological methods, doctors use modern drugs of the latest generations with the least number of side effects and without the occurrence of addiction or withdrawal syndrome. The psychiatric institute also provides a supportive remedy in the outpatient clinic in cooperation with the public psychiatric association. As well as the treatment of young and middle-aged people, much attention is paid to geriatric psychiatry. Also, Psychiatry Hospital Asklepios in Wildenfels has the IQMP Compact certificate and is the best rehabilitation clinic, according to Munich Inquire Media (MINQ) of Focus Health journal. Cooperation with Qualitä shows the premium quality of the medical center's services.

Doctors provide treatment and rehabilitation for patients with depression, psychotic illnesses, manic-depressive disorders (bipolar disorders), various addictions, dementia, personality disorders, anxiety, OCD, and eating disorders. Round-the-clock care, attention to detail, and patient orientation are undeniable advantages of Wildenfels Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios.

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Founded in 2001
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Is the medical center suitable for social adaptation?

Doctors have extensive experience in the social adaptation of patients with psychological problems, cognitive disorders, and behavioral disorders. Group activities, games, art therapy, and hiking help reduce the barrier.

Should I choose the hospital for the treatment of an eating disorder?

The medical center has experienced nutritionists and psychotherapists who provide basic nutrition counseling and work on factors that provoke eating disorders. In addition, work is being done to fill deficiencies in minerals and vitamins.

Does Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Wildenfels accept geriatric patients?

The medical center has a separate geriatric department that provides more services for treating older people. All necessary care and work with specific disorders, such as dementia, is carried out at a high level.

About the city

Wildenfels is the smallest town in Zwickau, Germany. There are about 3,800 residents who respect traditions and have a special tenderness for tourists.

Located among the green landscape and ridges of the Ore Mountains, the city has a unique atmosphere of peace. Burg Stein and the 12th-century Wildenfels Castle, decorated with valuable paintings by Theodor Grosse and the court painter Christian Leberecht Vogel, add extraordinary mystery and fabulousness. In addition, the Museum of mining folk art allows guests of the municipality to get to know the local culture better and touch the past.

The city was first mentioned in 1238. However, there is evidence of much earlier settlements on the territory. A preserved blast furnace for burning lime in the Schonau area still bears witness to lime production, first mentioned in 1533. Locals were also actively engaged in cloth weaving and agriculture. Likewise, the medical field is a notable factor in the town's development, mainly due to its suitable location. Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Wildenfels provides comprehensive psychiatric care for patients from all over the world.

The chambered city of Wildenfels is a paradise for people who are tired of the daily hustle and bustle and want to experience a real European vacation amid beautiful architecture and a warm atmosphere.

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