Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Tiefenbrunn Rosdorf

Rosdorf, Germany
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Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Tiefenbrunn Rosdorf
Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Tiefenbrunn Rosdorf
Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Tiefenbrunn Rosdorf

About the hospital

Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Tiefenbrunn Rosdorf is a specialized private institution for mental rehabilitation and solving psychological problems. The medical center is also the Academic Training Clinic of the University Medical Center Gottingen and promotes the training of young medical personnel.

In 2016, a specially updated "Privita" maximum comfort department with 31 beds was opened. Every detail is thought out for the comfort of patients, including food. A special chef, awarded two Michelin stars, carefully prepared a menu for visitors. Services are also available in the new private acute care outpatient clinic for people in crisis and cure in the mental health outpatient clinic to support treatment outcomes after the main inpatient course.

Doctors have experience in supporting patients with various psychiatric and psychological problems. Also, the range of services was expanded in the form of an acute day clinic and treatment of long-term psychological consequences of the corona pandemic ("Long-COVID"). In addition, doctors offer individual and group psychotherapy sessions, sports classes, yoga, qigong, progressive muscle relaxation, according to Jacobson, mindfulness and anxiety management training, and consultations with a nutritionist. Birkenhaus Building B is a specialized psychiatry and psychotherapy clinic department for treating adult patients with chronic depressive illness and trauma-related disorders. The remedy is available in two evidence-based approaches: psychoanalytic interactional therapy and cognitive behavioral analytic system of psychotherapy (CBASP). In addition, the Wiesenhaus Corps specializes in young people aged 18 to 25 using psychodynamic-interactional individual and group therapy, dialectical behavior cure, and metacognitive training. Detailed planning of the transitional stage of treatment upon discharge within the framework of outpatient and physical psychotherapy is also essential.

The modern and advanced Psychiatry Medical Center Asklepios in Tiefenbrunn Rosdorf assists the adult population in overcoming acute crisis conditions and chronic mental health disorders. Patients with depression, anxiety, compulsive disorders, PTSD, and psychosomatics can receive highly qualified support from real professionals.

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Founded in 1903
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176 beds available
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Does Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Tiefenbrunn Rosdorf serve kids?

The medical center has many years of experience treating psychiatric disorders in children. Services are available in outpatient and inpatient options. Doctors also work with kids of mentally ill parents in the form of diagnostic procedures and psychotherapeutic conversations.

Should I choose a hospital for complex psychosomatic disorders?

Doctors have good results in the treatment of psychosomatic diseases of any complexity. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists use a comprehensive approach in the form of individual and group discussions, self-management training, and physiotherapy for relaxation.

Is emergency medical care available at the clinic?

On the territory of the clinic, emergency care is provided for adults with acute symptoms or in a psychological crisis, with the possibility of transitioning treatment to a day hospital or inpatient treatment if necessary.

About the city

Rosdorf is a town with more than 12,000 inhabitants in southern Hesse, Germany. The cozy city is a center of impeccable nature and cultural heritage.

Both old and newer buildings represent the architecture of the municipality. The town hall has been well-preserved since 1575. During walks, tourists also have the opportunity to visit Catholic and Protestant churches that charm with their atmosphere and beauty. Also on the western outskirts of Rosdorf is the Rehberg nature reserve with rare bird species. In addition, guests can spend time in the outdoor heated pool or have fun on the roller rink, which is used as an ice rink in winter.

In 1606, Rosdorf was engaged in the extraction of minerals in the Landgraf. The city is also famous for its winemaking tradition, including the white wines of Pinot Gris, Korner, and Riesling and the red wines of Pinot Noir and Dornfelder. In addition, the town is developing wind turbine installations and has two GE Wind Energy wind turbines installed. Medical services underwent notable development, particularly the provincial sanatorium for the mentally ill, built in 1903 and became the first national sanatorium for nervous disorders. Over time, the building was converted into the Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Tiefenbrunn Rosdorf, which currently serves patients worldwide. Significantly, the city is the birthplace of Reinhard Friedrich Burger, a microbiologist and former president of the Robert Koch Institute.

Romantic streets with delicious cafes, rich natural resources, and ancient buildings are great bonuses for a country holiday in Rosdorf. Furthermore, the lack of the hustle and bustle and the friendliness of the residents allow you to reduce the feeling of stress and restore strength during vacation.

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