Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gottingen

Gottingen, Germany
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Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gottingen
Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gottingen
Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gottingen

About the hospital

Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gottingen was opened in the city center on a hill above the Leine River. As early as 1866, the building functioned as the Royal State Hospital with the participation of King George V and became the first functional building for psychiatric patients in the Kingdom of Hanover. Today, the medical center has renovated and highly modern departments with 428 beds, whose doctors provide highly effective treatment, rehabilitation, and outpatient care for patients with psychological problems.

Responsibility for the environment and good use of natural resources contributed to the switch to energy-saving LED lighting. It produced energy with the help of a thermal power plant in the hospital. In addition, the first director of the clinic was a supporter of liberal psychiatry and was able to prevent the hanging of bars on windows and the purchase of straitjackets. This approach continues to this day.

The high technology of the clinic allows for performing modern and proven diagnostics, such as CT, MRI, EEG, laboratory tests, and ECG. Doctors have extensive experience in drug correction of psychological conditions with minimal complications and without withdrawal syndrome. Each treatment is selected individually. Personal and group psychotherapy, art and music therapy, occupational cure, and psychoeducation are available in upsurge. This strategy increases the patient's sociality and motivation for remedy. Physical therapy (cold, heat, electrical stimulation or light, fango, and massage), horseback riding, walking and running group, morning exercises, and strength training contribute to harmonizing body self-perception and improving general condition. In accumulation, electroconvulsive therapy under anesthesia, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, and relaxation techniques (progressive muscle relaxation) complement the primary treatment for better effectiveness and faster recovery. Access to the acute geriatric psychiatric admitting unit (GPA) allows acute care for senior patients.

Today, the Gottingen Psychiatry Clinic in Asklepios offers a cure in general psychiatry with crisis intervention (depression, personality disorders), addiction disorders, gerontology with neuropsychiatry, specialized psychotherapy, and trauma cure, as well as a clinic for forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy. Pursuing the primary goal of high-quality treatment, the medical center has implemented quality management based on the TQM/EFQM/AMIQ Asklepios model and meets high standards of care and treatment.

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Founded in 1866
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428 beds available
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Should I choose the hospital for the treatment of elderly patients?

Psychiatrists have a separate direction of treating geriatric patients and thoroughly consider the peculiarities of diseases. Also, care is available at the emergency, inpatient, and outpatient levels with high efficiency.

Is a medical center suitable for patients with addictions?

The clinic has extensive experience treating patients addicted to gambling and drugs and helping them quit smoking. A versatile approach to each case allows for changing the patient's life for the better in the shortest possible time.

Does Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gottingen treat post-traumatic stress disorder?

Stabilization techniques, body therapy techniques such as qigong, Feldenkrais, and progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) combined with imagery exercises, trauma synthesis, EMDR, CIPBS, screen technology, and observational technology are used by physicians to treat PTSD.

About the city

Gottingen, located in the center of Germany, right between the Harz mountains and the Weser river, is well known for its university. The city has a vibrant, modern, youthful atmosphere emphasizing scientific research and freedom of exploration.

In the city's historical center, surrounded by the remains of a medieval city wall, there are magnificent churches and half-timbered houses of the 14th-18th centuries. Most of the city life takes place within the old city's walls. All attractions are no more than a ten-minute leisurely walk from each other. Gottingen's landmark is the statue of Hanseliesel on the fountain in the market square in front of the Old Town Hall. This Art Nouveau statue depicts a girl herding geese. Traditionally, all new doctoral graduates of the university kiss the statue on the cheek after passing the exam. This tradition makes her "the most kissed girl in the world".

The Georg-August University of Gottingen is a world-renowned research university. It places a strong emphasis on research-based learning. Gottingen University is distinguished by the rich diversity of its subject spectrum, excellent conditions for conducting scientific research, and the outstanding quality of the fields that define its profile. In addition, 45 Nobel Prize winners reinforce the glory of the institution. The Gottingen University Hospital is also famous for its discoveries in medicine and its ability to treat patients according to the latest medical recommendations.

The rich cultural life of Gottingen, with theatres, orchestras, museums, and significant events, attracts interest far beyond the city. Visitors appreciate Gottingen's accessibility by road or rail and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of this lively city. Its unique and multicultural atmosphere is created by students and people from all over the world.

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