Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gesundheit-Langen

Langen, Germany
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Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gesundheit-Langen
Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gesundheit-Langen
Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gesundheit-Langen

About the hospital

Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gesundheit-Langen has provided specialized care for mentally ill adult patients, including geriatric patients, since 2008. In addition, it is an academic teaching hospital of Goethe University in Frankfurt, which participates in training nurses and paramedics. Since 2012, KTQ certification and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in 2018 have become a guarantor of the quality of medical services in the medical center.

The structure of the hospital consists of 112 beds and 37-day hospital beds. In addition, the outpatient clinic of the psychiatric institute is available to support patients after discharge or to manage light cases of treatment. Furthermore, 140 employees comply with safety and hygiene rules and provide treatment according to the latest medical recommendations.

Highly experienced doctors have the skills to assist in various areas of the psychiatric profile. In particular, the Gesundheit-Langen Psychiatry Medical Center Asklepios offers 2-week alcohol detoxification courses. In addition, psychiatrists offer individual and group psychotherapy, mindfulness training, music and art, and occupational therapy. For cases where this is foreseen, modern drugs that are not addictive and have fewer side effects are prescribed. After a detailed discussion of symptoms and examination, the doctor may prescribe additional therapeutic procedures for co-morbidities and training for managing emotions and anxiety. Electroconvulsive therapy under anesthesia is also available at the hospital. The outpatient department allows better adaptation to the environment after discharge and monitoring the patient's other condition without needing inpatient treatment. In addition, a day hospital is available for treatment for 6-8 weeks. During the course, intensive treatment of the disease during the day and staying at home in the evening are combined. This approach contributes to greater patient comfort due to additional family support and an atmosphere of home comfort. In addition, body-oriented therapy, such as relaxation techniques, cognitive training, educational lectures, and dialectical behavioral therapy, actively helps reduce the disease's manifestations.

Psychiatry Hospital Asklepios Gesundheit-Langen treats patients with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, dementia, psychoses, and addictions. Focusing on the individuality of each case and continuously assisting the patient in adaptation and socialization are essential for doctors.

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Founded in 2008
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Is Psychiatry Clinic Asklepios Gesundheit-Langen suitable for patients with alcohol addiction?

The hospital is a good place for addiction treatment because of the high level of effectiveness of the therapy. Specialists provide detox courses for patients with alcohol addiction lasting approximately two weeks.

Is it necessary for a patient with depression to be hospitalized?

After a detailed examination and discussion, the doctor can offer the most suitable option for treating depression, which can consist of inpatient and outpatient treatment and a day inpatient course.

Should I choose a medical center to treat dementia in geriatric patients?

Departments of the clinic are equipped for the convenience of the elderly with additional ramps and bedside aids for calling medical personnel. In addition, specialists have extensive experience treating dementia and use a comprehensive approach to improve the condition.

About the city

Langen is located in the southern district of Hesse Offenbach. The population is approximately 40,000 inhabitants. The city is a center of sports and cultural events and offers a wide selection of entertainment for tourists from other regions and countries.

A vast choice of baths made it a "town of three baths". In addition, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sandy beaches, sailing and fishing, and surfing clubs are trendy for family vacations or holidays with friends. The swimming competition within the European Ironman Triathlon Championship framework gathers several thousand visitors and is one of the most desirable events in Langen. In addition, an annual cider festival is also a popular event for the residents of the municipality and region. Guests also have the opportunity to get acquainted with local orchestras and choirs thanks to regular classical music concerts. An integral part of the city's culture is also the architecture of the 19th century, in particular the Evangelical city church, the town hall with a local history museum, and a collection of paintings by the impressionist artist Hermann Banner.

More than 100 companies, such as Panasonic and Nikon, currently contribute to Langen's success. In addition, the city is a center of education thanks to training centers in the field of mechanics and electronics. Furthermore, the increase in population and tourists contributed to expanding the city's medical services. The proximity to abundant natural resources was an excellent opportunity for the establishment of the Asklepios Gesundheit-Langen Psychiatry Clinic in 2008. Another important fact is that Langen is the headquarters of the German Air Traffic Control, the Paul Ehrlich Institute, and the training center of the German Meteorological Service.

Filled with events and entertainment, Langen offers an excellent opportunity to relax in a calm, friendly atmosphere without too many worries.

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