Proton Centre

Proton Center offers the most advanced and precise form of radiation therapy currently available. Proton beam therapy is a practical, careful and gentle cancer treatment with minimal side effects. Due to the accurate targeting of the proton beam directly to the tumour, side effects are significantly reduced. The department also has a diagnostic unit where doctors perform radiological examinations of patients. The department staff includes oncologists, internists, paediatricians, radiologists and clinical physicists, and an employee who accompanies the patient at all stages of treatment. In addition, proton therapy, in contrast to traditional radiation therapy, is safer. Doctors can significantly reduce potential risks such as heart and lung damage, endocrine problems, growth disorders, sensory impairments, decreased intelligence, kidney and urinary tract damage, and infertility risk secondary tumours precisely targeting the proton beam.

Proton therapy is used to treat oncological diseases of the breast, prostate, gastrointestinal tract, brain and central nervous system. Doctors also provide treatment for children in the department. The medical team is close to the patients at all stages to create a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere.

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