Pediatric Hospital Asklepios St. Augustin

Sankt Augustin, Germany
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Pediatric Hospital Asklepios St. Augustin
Pediatric Hospital Asklepios St. Augustin
Pediatric Hospital Asklepios St. Augustin

About the hospital

Pediatric Hospital Asklepios St. Augustin has provided general and specialized medical care to newborns, children, and adolescents since 1972. Annually, more than 50,000 small patients are served on 225 beds. In addition, the ambulatory spectrum of treatment and day hospitals are also developed.

More than 600 employees take care of the comfort of children and their parents and ensure maximum safety. This approach made it possible to receive from the jury of the organization "Excellent. FOR CHILDREN", a mark of quality in pediatric surgery and pediatric and adolescent medicine. The regional association of the Rhine region also expressed its recognition for exemplary management.

The medical center is supportive of patients with a variety of symptoms. A children's incontinence center certified by The German Continence Society is available on-site. Urologists and pediatricians provide physiotherapeutic, medical, and surgical cures. For diagnostic procedures, doctors have access to the latest low-dose CT scan, which is ideal for kids. Also, the achievements and high indicators of the effectiveness of treatment with a small percentage of complications were noted by Focus magazine. Doctors in pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric cardiac surgery, and thoracic surgery were among the country's best doctors in 2017 and 2018. Apart from this, pediatric neurosurgery was also recognized by the Indian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery. The department of neonatology also expands the range of services. It has been developed in cooperation with the clinics of the non-profit society of Franciscan nuns in Olpe. The obstetrics and neonatology support unit helps newborns under challenging cases and determines the most gentle and effective treatment in a multidisciplinary manner. Also, the complications of oncological remedies are accepted by the Pediatric Clinic Asklepios in St. Augustin. Oncologists propose reducing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation through treatment with antibodies against specific cells and growth factors that reduce tumor nutrition and its spread.

St. Augustin Pediatric Medical Center Asklepios offers parents modern treatment for juniors in urology, neurosurgery, general surgery, cardiology, psychiatry, traumatology, otolaryngology, and general therapy. The availability of high-precision diagnostics and various specialists in one place reduces the cost burden and the consumption of precious time, even in complex cases.

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Founded in 1972
50,000 patients
225 beds available
N/A department

Is outpatient surgery available at Pediatric Hospital Asklepios St. Augustine?

Surgeons perform outpatient operations for children. After individual consultation and diagnosis, a decision is made about such an option. In particular, circumcision, hernia treatment, tonsillectomy, plastic surgery, dental rehabilitation, and minor trauma are available to outpatients.

Should I choose the hospital for pediatric psychiatry?

Psychiatrists have considerable access to the treatment of mental disorders in children of any age from 5 years old. In addition to regular cures, there is cooperation with resident doctors and therapists, with kindergartens, schools, counseling centers, and youth centers.

What is the uniqueness of the clinic?

The clinic is child-friendly and meets gold standards of treatment safety. The hospital also employs the best German pediatric cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons, and thoracic surgeons.

About the city

Sankt Augustin is a German city in North Rhine-Westphalia on the southeast of the Bay of Cologne. Residents make up more than 56,000 people.

Rhine half-timbered houses and the 12th-century parish church of St. Martin in Niederplace represent the town's architecture. Guests can also visit the knight's residence and the historic mill while walking along the narrow romantic streets. Birlinghoven Castle, built in 1901 in the English style, has a park and greenhouse. The charming nature of the Pleisbach Valley and the Birlinghoven Forest, the exhibition House of Peoples and Cultures of the Steiler Missionaries, theaters, cabarets, and musical concerts complement the local entertainment. The annual carnivals and Hangelar Night of Lights are favorite events to visit for local food and shopping.

The municipality is famous for the mechanical engineering of the industrial companies Kuhne or HumanOptics and the industry in the healthcare sector Intersurgical. The woodworking industry is also mainly developed. Sankt Augustin is also home to one of Germany's oldest airfields and the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the research and testing institute of the German Accident Insurance Fund. Pediatric Hospital Asklepios St. Augustin has provided medical services for the region since 1972. The town also develops a sports life and has 62 sports clubs and several commercial sports studios. In 1900, the first TuS Buisdorf club was founded, as well as football, handball, athletics, and gymnastics clubs.

The attractive city of Sankt Augustin for recreation allows you to have unforgettable emotions and memories. Delicious food, historic architecture, and a rich cultural program are available to guests on an ongoing basis.

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