Department of rheumatology and immunology

The department of rheumatology and immunology at Park-Clinic Weissensee Berlin examines and treats patients with comprehensive diagnostic options and a wide range of therapy and counselling services. The department cooperates with BARMER in the context of "special care" (formerly: integrated care). Patients with a confirmed rheumatological diagnosis who are restricted in everyday life and have little mobility and severe pain when moving are treated extensively by local professionals using multimodal rheumatic complex therapy. The patients can complete treatment during an inpatient stay or when visiting the rheumatism day clinic. A particular consultation hour is offered for pregnant rheumatism patients and patients who wish to have children. The department is famous for cooperating with University Hospital Charite Berlin and provides the latest drug therapy for complex rheumatological conditions.

The special priority of the department is rheumatological diseases / systemic tissue disorders and disorders of the immune system. All primary and supplementary diagnostic procedures are available at local laboratories. Therapeutic modalities include conservative drug prescription, psychological care, and multimodal rheumatic complex therapy for severe cases.

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