Department of general, abdominal and minimally invasive surgery

The department of general, abdominal and minimally invasive surgery at Park-Clinic Weissensee Berlin has a full range of advanced surgery within its specialisation. The department is headed by a team of leading doctors and includes specialists certified by the German Cancer Society, meaning that patients will get only professional care. In addition to clinical practice, they are actively involved in research activities, regularly participate in international conferences, and have many scientific publications. The head physician of the department enjoys a reputation as one of the leading specialists in his field of expertise. Therefore he also provides patients with "second opinion" services. All of the accommodations are comfortable, giving the patients full care after surgeries. The team of professionals concludes a thorough examination, and any surgeries are done only after an overall discussion as to which method would be the most beneficial in the situation.

The department is mainly specialised in abdominal wall operations, hernia surgeries, groin surgeries, intestinal, minimally invasive surgeries and NOTES procedures. In addition, the doctors successfully perform all surgical interventions in thoracic, endocrine, vascular and oncology surgery (tumours removal). The department works primarily with minimally invasive surgery techniques, so the operation process will not be as dangerous to the patient and does not have any additional complications.

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