Department of urology and andrology

The department of urology and andrology at PAN Clinic Cologne advises and treats patients in all urological and andrological health areas. Outpatient and inpatient operations are carried out in fully equipped operating rooms. All rooms are designed in a bright and friendly atmosphere and comfortably furnished to make the stay pleasant. A particular focus is the treatment of patients with urological cancer (kidney, bladder, penis, testicles, prostate). The department has the opportunity to present patient cases to the interdisciplinary tumour board at the university level. Cooperation doctors from the various disciplines (urologists, oncologists, radiation therapists, radiologists) allow discussion of therapy strategies and individualised therapy concepts.

The department is internationally recognised for male health care, prostate treatment, treatment of urological cancer, refertilization and urological surgery. In addition, one of the directions is andrological diseases such as erectile dysfunction and impotence, male sex hormone disorders (hypogonadism) and venereal diseases.

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