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Department of radiology and nuclear medicine

The department of radiology and nuclear medicine at PAN Clinic Cologne provides the whole spectrum of innovative radiological examination and nuclear medicine therapy. Various conditions are diagnosed in the department before further treatment. Highly specialized radiology and nuclear medicine doctors use the lowest radiation technology to carry out efficient quality diagnostics in a stress-free atmosphere. In addition, to the conventional radiological procedures, the department is competent in nuclear therapy such as LU-177 and radioactive iodine therapy. Also, the department recently started offering a unique breast tomosynthesis (3D mammography) from the market leader Hologic in Cologne as an alternative to digital full-field mammography.

The department has a high-performance MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner with an extra-large opening. A high-performance computer creates high-resolution 2D, 3D, and even 4D images from the data obtained and enables precise diagnoses. In addition, the tomograph can be used for patients with claustrophobia or overweight (more than 120 kg).

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