Department of dermatology and allergology

The department of dermatology and allergology at PAN Clinic Cologne provides the full spectrum of diagnoses and treatments of skin diseases, allergies, sexually transmitted infections and oncological diseases. In addition to outpatient surgical interventions, the department also carries out immunomodulatory and photodynamic therapy in tumour treatment. The department of dermatology and allergology is a cooperation partner of the skin tumour centre of the Cologne University Hospital and a member of the Center for Integrated Oncology Cologne Bonn. The department has state-of-art equipment such as multiple lasers and analogue light systems. Highly qualified doctors use modern methods and techniques following national and international standards.

The department takes care of all diseases of the skin, the adjacent mucous membranes (oral mucosa, genital mucosa, anal mucosa) and the skin appendages (hair, nails). These include both inflammatory and infectious, genetic and allergic skin diseases. One of the main directions of the department is oncological diseases of the skin. Doctors pay special attention to preventive measures and early detection of symptoms. Skin cancer and its precursors can be treated with various options, including surgical, photodynamic, laser, and drug-based tumour therapy. Also, the department uses the latest methods to treat allergological diseases, such as specific immunotherapy (SIT).

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