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Department of breast surgery and mammology

Prof. Dr. med. Mathias Warm
mammology, gynaecology
The department of breast surgery and mammology at PAN Clinic Cologne specializes in individual breast care and the treatment of breast diseases. The range of services covers all diagnoses from benign tumours to complex malignant formations. The department aims to detect changes in the tissue at an early stage through careful pre
Dr. med. dent. Ali Teymourtash image

Department of dentistry

Dr. med. dent. Ali Teymourtash
The department of dentistry at PAN Clinic Cologne offers patients the entire spectrum of modern dentistry at the highest level. Seven specialized dentists, four dental hygienists and 15 dental assistants take care of patients in the department. Doctors use the latest digital volume tomography (DVT). The innovative, ext
Dr. med. Johan Denil image

Department of urology and andrology

Dr. med. Johan Denil
urology, andrology, sexual medicine
The department of urology and andrology at PAN Clinic Cologne advises and treats patients in all urological and andrological health areas. Outpatient and inpatient operations are carried out in fully equipped operating rooms. All rooms are designed in a bright and friendly atmosphere and comfortably furnished to make the stay pl
Dr. med. Ingo Benz image

Department of radiology and nuclear medicine

Dr. med. Ingo Benz
nuclear medicine, radiology
The department of radiology and nuclear medicine at PAN Clinic Cologne provides the whole spectrum of innovative radiological examination and nuclear medicine therapy. Various conditions are diagnosed in the department before further treatment. Highly specialized radiology and nuclear medicine doctors use the lowest radiation te
Dr. med. Alexander Stoff image

Department of plastic and aesthetic surgery

Dr. med. Alexander Stoff
plastic and aesthetic surgery
The department of plastic and aesthetic surgery at PAN Clinic Cologne offers high-quality and the most modern techniques in implementing plastic surgical operations, non-invasive aesthetic treatments and laser therapy. The department combines medical competence, aesthetic sensitivity and responsibility for patients with over 15
Dr. med. Rudolph Ziolko image

Departments of orthopaedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine

Dr. med. Rudolph Ziolko
orthopedic, sports and trauma surgery
The departments of orthopaedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine at PAN Clinic Cologne provide a full range of diagnostics and treatment for musculoskeletal diseases and injuries. The main task of the specialists is the freedom of movement without pain. The department has excellent equipment, including digital X-rays, co
Dr. med. Aysegul Ibisler image

Department of human genetics

Dr. med. Aysegul Ibisler
human genetics
The department of human genetics at PAN Clinic Cologne is dedicated to determining the genetic causes of various diseases. Doctors analyse the medical history and the history of other family members and a family tree of at least three generations. An additional physical examination is performed for disease-specific characte
Dr. med. Andre Heep image

Department of neurology and psychiatry

Dr. med. Andre Heep
The department of neurology and psychiatry at PAN Clinic Cologne offers qualified and detailed diagnostics and excellent and well-founded treatment of neurologically and mentally ill people based on the current state of knowledge. The department has state-of-art equipment at its disposal, which allows quick and accurate diagnosi
Dr. med. Dierk-Marko Czybulka image

Department of neurosurgery

Dr. med. Dierk-Marko Czybulka
The department of neurosurgery at PAN Clinic Cologne deals with diagnosing and treating central and peripheral nervous system diseases. In addition to various brain diseases, spine problems represent the primary competence of the department. The department offers the entire spectrum of conservative and operative neurosurger
Prof. Dr. med. Ca Schneider image

Department of cardiology

Prof. Dr. med. Ca Schneider
The department of cardiology at PAN Clinic Cologne focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating patients with cardiovascular system diseases. The department’s main task is to improve the quality of life and improve the individual prognosis of patients. Another crucial area of the department is comprehensive diagnostics of the
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