Department of outpatient neurological rehabilitation

In the department of outpatient neurological rehabilitation at Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart, patients receive outpatient neurological rehabilitation in phases D and E. The advantage of day rehabilitation is that it is integrated into the home environment. After a day of outpatient rehabilitation from Monday to Friday, patients return to their usual habitat in the evening. The department has a multidisciplinary rehabilitation team that provides rehabilitation, neuropsychology, speech therapy, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy services. The department's medical team uses all their knowledge and experience to provide patients with the best medical and therapeutic treatment.

The department cooperates with hospitals in Stuttgart and provides early rehabilitation for patients after a stroke, cerebral haemorrhage, and conditions after a brain injury. The department offers physiotherapy, ergotherapy and speech therapy individually, in groups or in coordination with each other and therapeutic training therapy. For the needs of post-COVID-19 patients, the department's range of treatments has been reasonably adapted and expanded to include specific therapies (e.g., respiratory therapy).

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