Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany
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Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart
Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart
Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart

About the hospital

Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart is a specialized medical facility located in the heart of Stuttgart. The day hospital opened its doors in 1995. The Ministry of Social Affairs of Baden-Württemberg took part in developing the concept of the day hospital, so the clinic is a role model in outpatient rehabilitation.

The clinic offers 55 outpatient treatment beds, meals in the hospital canteen, and patient transport services. In addition, the clinic cooperates with the outpatient therapy center of the Schmieder Clinic, which allows you to start neurological rehabilitation as early as possible.

At the Outpatient Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart, patients receive outpatient daytime neurological rehabilitation in stages D and E. The advantage of daytime rehabilitation is that it is integrated into the home environment. After a day of outpatient rehabilitation from Monday to Friday, patients return to their usual habitat in the evening. The clinic's outpatient therapy center treats neurological, internal diseases, and orthopedic patients according to the doctor's prescription. In addition, the medical team offers physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and therapeutic exercises. The advantage for our patients is that they receive the necessary procedures close to home in a pleasant atmosphere.

The Daytime Clinic Schmieder employs leading specialists in neurological rehabilitation who treat all neurological diseases, regardless of severity. Furthermore, the presence of the clinic's research institute and cooperation with hospitals-colleagues guarantee constant innovation and further development at the highest level. After decades of experience, the clinic is still appreciated by specialists worldwide and by patients and their relatives for the success and quality of treatment, care, and therapy.

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Founded in 1995
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What types of treatment does Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart offer?

The clinic is an outstanding outpatient rehabilitation center. Doctors are specialists in recovering neurological patients at stages D and E. In addition, the team offers physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy, which helps to consolidate the result for a long time.

Can I be treated at a medical center if I have a complicated case?

The hospital offers rehabilitation regardless of severity thanks to high-tech equipment, professional clinic staff, and cooperation with a research institute. However, the patient should be independent enough to visit the clinic on an outpatient basis (so-called rehabilitation phases D and E).

Will the clinic help me plan further rehabilitation after discharge?

Each case is considered by doctors individually, and careful prevention of complications after discharge is developed in advance. The staff gets to know the patient's lifestyle and, in a multidisciplinary manner, develops exercises, physical activity, nutrition, and further follow-up plans.

Doctor in Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Stuttgart

About the city

Stuttgart is a charming city surrounded by hills, forests, and vineyards. Stuttgart is a fantastic combination of historical heritage and outstanding achievements of our time. Traditional medieval temples, baroque palaces, and gothic towers coexist with ultra-modern buildings of trendy art galleries, museums, and reputable corporations' headquarters.

The capital of the southwestern federal state of Baden-Württemberg, founded in 1952, has more than 600,000 inhabitants and is the core of one of the most vital industrial regions of the federal state of Germany. The city has a vast number of sightseeing platforms with beautiful views. For example, the 217-meter Stuttgart TV Tower offers an unforgettable regional view. Seventy years ago, it became the first tower built of reinforced concrete. In addition to the art museum, the state gallery, and the Linden ethnological museum, Stuttgart also has museums dedicated to its most prominent business, the automotive industry. The Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums showcase the history of the cars. With 250 springs in the city, Stuttgart also has one of Europe's most significant mineral water deposits.

Stuttgart has 18 higher education institutions and universities and many leading research centers. Companies in Stuttgart invest 13 million euros daily in research and development, more than in any other region in Germany. As a result, Stuttgart businesses register over 3,600 patents annually, making it the second-largest European city in patent applications. Great attention is also paid to the healthcare system. The town has many public and private medical institutions that provide highly qualified medical care. Stuttgart is home to one of the branches of the Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder, a day hospital for patients needing neurological rehabilitation.

Stuttgart is a city with exciting sights, world-famous ballet, significant cultural and sporting events, various leisure and living options, and an international variety of theatres. Tourists with different preferences will be able to entertain themselves in the city, from a wine trip and wine tasting to round-the-clock parties in the entertainment clubs of the city.

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