Orthopedic Clinic Asklepios Hohwald Neustadt in Sachsen

Neustadt in Sachsen, Germany
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Orthopedic Clinic Asklepios Hohwald Neustadt in Sachsen
Orthopedic Clinic Asklepios Hohwald Neustadt in Sachsen
Orthopedic Clinic Asklepios Hohwald Neustadt in Sachsen

About the hospital

Orthopedic Clinic Asklepios Hohwald Neustadt in Sachsen has been providing high-quality orthopedic services in the private sector since 1970. Modern departments are located in a historical building, where rehabilitation has been provided since 1905. Later, the pulmonary sanatorium was reorganized, and the departments were modernized. Currently, the medical center provides treatment on 105 beds to patients from all over the world.

The hospital was repeatedly recognized as the best in Germany. In particular, Focus magazine recognized the Orthopedic Center Asklepios Hohwald Neustadt in Sachsen as the best national and regional specialized clinic for hip and spine surgery in Germany. In addition, such recognition was also confirmed by the independent institute and STERN magazine. Furthermore, premium quality and high patient safety are guaranteed by KTQ and ISO.

Also noteworthy is the presence of the best doctors in spinal surgery (Focus Doctors List 2022). Also, the success of the cure contributed to creating an interdisciplinary spinology center consisting of orthopedists, neurosurgeons, conservative pain relievers, and psychologists. Particularly gentle laparoscopic and microsurgical interventions for intervertebral hernias are prevalent. The medical center also became the second Endoprosthetic Center for Maximum Care certified by EndoCert in Saxony. The hospital navigator AOK Plus analyzed a lot of data and gave a high rating to knee and hip arthroplasty at Neustadt in Sachsen Orthopedic Clinic Asklepios Hohwald. The growing advantage of arthroscopic treatment methods is evident due to the possibility of combining diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Also, gentle surgical interventions, such as tenosynovial ectomy and tenoplasty, can reduce symptoms and replace the structures of the musculoskeletal system. Cooperation with the Dresden University of Applied Sciences contributes to training young talents, exchanging new knowledge, and providing a large scientific base. In addition, the numerous partners of the endoprosthesis center of the hospital of maximum medical care, radiation therapy in Dresden-Friedrichstadt, and nuclear medicine Bautzen ensure a quick organization between the departments and a comprehensive approach to each disease case.

The traditions of high-quality German medicine are combined with modern medical solutions at the Orthopedic Hospital Asklepios Hohwald Neustadt in Sachsen. As a result, patients with various diseases of the vertebrae and joints have the opportunity to receive one of the best treatments and rehabilitation in the country. In addition to adults, scoliosis treatment services for children are also available.

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Founded in 1905
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105 beds available
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Should I choose the hospital for the treatment of spinal diseases?

The clinic is ideal for treating spine diseases because it has a low rate of complications compared to other medical centers. In addition, the spine center is certified, which guarantees the modernity and safety of services.

Is scoliosis treatment for kids available at Asklepios Clinic Hohwald Neustadt?

Doctors have many years of experience and high efficiency in treating children with conservative idiopathic scoliosis with angles from 20 to more than 50 degrees. In particular, dorsal and anterior corrective spondylodesis and VDS using the double rod technique are available there.

Has the medical center been recognized as the best in Germany?

The clinic has been repeatedly awarded as one of the country's best orthopedic centers and certified by institutes and organizations. Repeated accreditations enable maintaining a high level of medical services and continuous development.

About the city

Neustadt in Sachsen is a modern German city with almost 690 years of history, covering a population of 12,000. The unique location is due to the limitation of the Hochwald and Ungerberg mountain ranges.

The city was formed by the Wilhelmine era of the 19th century but also has earlier historical monuments. For example, walking through the narrow romantic streets, tourists can see the 15th-century St. Jacob's Evangelical Church, the 300-year-old town hall, and the postal column from 1729. The Roman Catholic Church of St. Gertrude of 1926 was designed by the architect Bautzner Kuhartz and preserved to this day. Arthur Richter Park, with its rare trees, pond, and birdhouses, is also a favorite recreation spot for city guests. In winter, the ski slope in Rugiswalde is especially popular.

For the first time, Neustadt in Sachsen is mentioned in 1333 as a gold-mining town that belonged to the Bohemian crown. Thanks to the favorable location on Salzstrasse, the city's rapid development in the commercial sphere took place. Also farming and weaving were also famous. Already in the 19th century, it was replaced by the production of artificial flowers, steel, and enamel products. Today, Muller-Electronics and CAPRON - Caravan Production Neustadt are the largest companies in the city. Also, at the onset of the 20th century, much attention was paid to topical health and medicine issues. In 1905, the state insurance company built a sanatorium for lung diseases, which gradually turned into the Orthopedic Clinic Asklepios Hohwald Neustadt in Sachsen due to more cases of disorders.

The diverse municipality of Neustadt in Sachsen attracts visitors to visit it again and again, thanks to its rich and active recreation. Moreover, multiple offers allow visiting the city all year round and getting unforgettable memories.

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