Department of oncology and haematology

The department of oncology and haematology at ​​Oncological and haematological praxis clinic Bonn provides the highest-quality medical care for treating and diagnosing cancer and blood disorders. The department is headed by an internationally-recognized academician, a professor of many universities, and the owner of numerous qualifications. The professor is considered an expert for second opinions on complex cases. All treatment is outpatient or semi-inpatient. The department is equipped with some advanced technologies. For example, in addition to liver stiffness measurement, liver fat measurement is available with the latest generation Fibroscan 430. The newest drug treatments are also available, such as targeted therapy for the most effective cancer elimination with minimal side effects.

The diagnostic focus is on tumours of various locations, blood cancer, and non-malignant blood disorders. Treatment options are systemic cancer therapy (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy), nutritional advice, and psycho-oncological counselling.

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