Noble Hospitals & Research Centre Pune

Pune, India
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Noble Hospitals & Research Centre Pune
Noble Hospitals & Research Centre Pune
Noble Hospitals & Research Centre Pune

About the hospital

Noble Hospitals & Research Center Pune was opened in 2007. It is the first NABH-accredited clinic in South East Pune. Starting with one building for 250 beds, the medical center expanded its services to inpatient and outpatient consultations in new departments.

The clinic is primarily distinguished by a large number of high-tech equipment, such as 4D imaging in ultrasound examination, CT of the whole body (128 slices), MRI-3 Tesla, Neurocathlab with 3D rotary angiogram and XpertCT, the latest sonographic apparatus, an X-ray room and a 24-hour pathology laboratory (NABL), Multi-Para cardiac monitors, ventilators, defibrillators, pacemakers.

The application of DaVinci robotic surgery in general, urological, oncological, gynecological, and robotic joint replacement techniques contribute to the high precision of the operation. As a result, this approach is expressed in high-efficiency indicators compared to other hospitals in India. A unique IMRIS navigation system complements classic surgery to avoid complications and consider the patient's anatomical features. Also, the urological Litho Laser has unique low-traumatic properties due to the effect on only a specific type of fiber (for example, a tumor). In addition, at the same time as the incision is made, blood vessel coagulation is ensured, so the risk of bleeding is minimal. Treating malignant tumors is actively combined with EDGE Varian, the latest modification of the well-known TrueBeam Varian system. In addition, Linac Suites with clearly defined dosages are also available among radiation treatments. Furthermore, neurosurgeons have successfully performed around 5,000 complex brain and spine surgeries using the latest Zeiss Vario endoscopic system. In addition, cardiovascular surgeons have access to the modern PHILIPS Allura FD10 heart laboratory, which allows them to perform more than 4,000 coronary angioplasty and 3,500 cardiac surgeries annually. Reproductive technologies also correspond to the latest modern developments and, in addition to IVF, combine assisted laser hatching (LAH) and intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm insemination (IMSI) technologies.

Recognized repeatedly as the best multidisciplinary hospital in the city, Noble Hospitals & Research Hospital in Pune has received awards from Times of India Group, Times CYBER, and 6th Global Health Care Excellence. The high goal of doctors and the desire to use the latest highly effective treatment has expanded the center's services to cure cardiovascular, neurological, urological, gynecological, endocrinological, and oncological patients. In addition, the remedy of eyes and ophthalmic organs, rehabilitation support, and preventive examinations are applied at a high level.

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Founded in 2007
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Do the best doctors in the country work in the clinic?

The hospital's doctors are among the best. They have received numerous awards, including "Person of the Year" and "Best nephrologist, robotic surgeon, and neurosurgeon of the Year" by the Times Power Group.

Should I choose Noble Hospitals & Research Center Pune for joint treatment?

The medical center uses modern treatment methods in orthopedics and traumatology. Due to its approaches and high treatment results, it was recognized as the most promising robotic joint replacement center of the year by World Health Care Achievers.

Does the hospital use robotic surgery for prostate сure?

The surgeons are among the best in using the DaVinci technique, particularly in treating hyperplasia or malignancy of the prostate. In addition, the low percentage of impotence and urinary disorders contributes to this clinic's increasing popularity of treatment.

About the city

Pune is located in western India in Maharashtra, with a population of 3,300,000. The general appearance of the municipality is characterized by numerous wooded hills, two rivers in the center of the city (Mutha and Mula), and majestic architecture.

The town attracts many tourists, a real place of fusion of harmony, religion, and traditions. Osho International Meditation Resort and Guesthouse is part of the resort life of the city. In addition, the Koregaon Park complex, with unique nature and offers for active recreation, is nearby. Also, the city contains magnificent ancient sacred architecture, including the Sri Balaji Mandir and the ISKCON NVCC. Walking through the old part of the municipality between the Shanvarvada Palace and the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, participating in national holidays, and having a pleasant lunch in delicious cafeterias with a view of historical buildings plays on contrasts with modern architecture, shops, and shopping hubs.

Pune was the central town of the Maratha Empire and had a significant commercial and economic influence due to its location at the crossroads of important trade routes. At the beginning of the 19th century, the city came under British rule and continued its rapid development. Subsequently, Pune received the status of an educational center. In the new part of Pune, industry and information technologies are developed, and motorcycles and Mercedes-Bens brand products are produced in the automotive sector. Medicine, which has a high-efficiency level and is characterized by modern methods, also plays a significant role in the economy. Noble Hospitals & Research Center Pune is a hotbed of high-quality, affordable medicine with a high-performance rating.

A proper cultural holiday full of Indian culture is available in the charming municipality of Pune. Guests of the town remain delighted with the variety of entertainment and the atmosphere of harmony.

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