Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Center Pamukkale

Pamukkale, Turkey
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Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Center Pamukkale
Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Center Pamukkale
Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Center Pamukkale

About the hospital

Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Center Pamukkale was established in 2007 in Turkey's picturesque and healing area with numerous thermal springs of Pamukkale on the hotel resort Pam Thermal. EuropeSpa certification and accreditation from the Ministry of Health of Turkey prove the high efficiency and scientificity of the rehabilitation clinic methods. In addition, high-tech devices are safety tested and FDA- and CE-approved.

37 medical workers ensure the continuous function of the organization in 3500 square meters. The hotel can accommodate 236 people. In addition, the structure includes restaurants, entertainment centers, and mud-thermal pools. The clinic is divided into zones by age, allowing doctors to treat patients 5 years and older. Various rehabilitation courses include both 7-day and long-term 8-month stays in severe cases.

Natural recovery includes mud therapy, balneotherapy, drinking of healing waters, massages, and exercise in halls. This approach is suitable for patients with apparent problems and without symptoms. Reduction of pain and inflammation, improvement of body tone and work of the digestive system, as well as stress reduction, have a positive effect on the whole organs systems. Dr. Brunnstrom's proprietary recovery technique is a unique author's method, which reduces atrophic muscle changes and increases limb mobility after a stroke. The course also uses the PNF method, kinesiological taping, and lymphatic drainage massage in various ways. In addition, the comprehensive approach includes Brain-Gym to restore balance and prevent repeated falls. The uniqueness of the Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Clinic Pamukkale lies in the combination of natural healing properties and physiotherapeutic possibilities with robotic technology for the complete restoration of lost functions as quickly and as long as possible. MOTORIKA REO AMBULATOR is a simulator robot for restoring balance and confident walking using virtual reality, even in complex progressive cases. MOTORIKA REO GO is especially suitable for patients with brain and spinal cord impressions, multiple sclerosis, and paralysis. Individually selected exercises develop the lost neural connections and allow patients to restore the fine motor skills of the hands. ANTALGICTRAK treats certain types of spinal hernias in just 10 sessions of 20 minutes without pain. The percentage of success and improvement in well-being is 95%.

The multidisciplinary team at Pamukkale Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Center is committed to providing the highest quality services to patients from around the world and is particularly attentive to patient needs. A problematic treatment turns into a spa recovery thanks to the efforts of the service staff and the relaxed atmosphere. With a comprehensive approach, doctors assist in, but are not limited to, rehabilitation after strokes, injuries, and tumors of the brain and spinal cord, joint replacement surgeries, and patients with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Langerhans histiocytosis, hernias and sciatica, Guillain-Barre, myelitis and fibromyalgia.

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Founded in 2007
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What is the uniqueness of Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Center Pamukkale?

The location among the healing nature of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a true center of modern robotic technology, makes the clinic a unique place for highly effective rehabilitation and disease prevention.

Is the clinic suitable for treating neurological deficits?

Rehabilitators treat patients with various neurological diseases with high efficiency thanks to MOTORIKA REO AMBULATOR and MOTORIKA REO GO. The restoration of neural pathways is achieved through frequent repetition of movements and careful analysis of each patient's progress.

Should I choose the center for disease prevention?

Thermal springs and healing waters boost general immunity and reduce the risk of the most common diseases. Additional specialist consultations allow for adjusting exercise, nutrition, and stress resistance.

About the city

Pamukkale is a world-famous resort in the Turkish valley of the Menderes river. The territory includes terraces, travertines of carbonate minerals, and 17 thermal springs with healing properties. Also, the area was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The second name, "Cleopatra's pool", was obtained thanks to the legend, according to which Egyptian queen drew her beauty and youth in Pamukkale. Natural swimming pools are saturated with calcium sulfate, carbon dioxide, calcium bicarbonate, and magnesium and have a high natural ionisation level. Such properties have long been used to treat disorders of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. In addition, a positive effect on the skin was noted in the form of improved elasticity, increased healing and reduced exacerbations of chronic diseases. Moreover, a constant water temperature of 36 degrees and a moderate climate allow tourist to visit the baths all year round. Such several healing properties contributed to the establishment of the Nobel Medical Rehabilitation Center Pamukkale, which uses natural resources and innovative scientific robotic methods to restore the whole body's functions.

The ancient cities of Hierapolis and the city of Ephesus nearby diversify the Pamukkale stay with their magnificent architecture in the form of ancient theatres and Greek libraries. The house of St. Mary is still a place of pilgrimage for many Christians, especially women, who ask the Virgin for her blessing on creating a future family.

Unique Pamukkale combines the incredible beauty and healing magic of nature. Proximity to ancient history and magnificent culture contributes to the increasing development of the resort town and its popularity around the world.

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