Department of neurological and acute early rehabilitation

The neurological and acute early rehabilitation department at Neurological Rehabilitation Center Godeshohe Bonn provides a full range of neurological rehabilitation, including movement, speech, and music therapy. The department was founded in 1979 and is currently well known for its achievements and efforts in neurological rehabilitation. The department is equipped with 40 beds for planned neurological and neurosurgical early rehabilitation and 49 beds with the possibility of intensive medical supervision and patient ventilation monitoring. The department also has a stroke unit, which works closely with the intensive care unit, where patients receive the highest level of emergency care.

The department's primary goal is to improve patients' quality of life and assist them as much as possible in maintaining a normal healthy lifestyle. The medical team, consisting of psychologists, speech therapists, and physiotherapists, in cooperation with other specialists from various institutions, comprehensively approaches the therapy and rehabilitation of patients who have undergone severe neurological diseases.

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