Department of multiple sclerosis

The department of multiple sclerosis at Neurological Rehabilitation Center Godeshohe Bonn offers medical assistance in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for patients with multiple sclerosis. In recent years, the concept of treatment has expanded significantly in the department, and today comprehensive rehabilitation programs are being implemented that take into account all aspects of pathology. Since 2012, the department has been certified by the German Society of Multiple Sclerosis as a centre of maximum care for multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, the medical team has made great strides in treating movement disorders, offering a full range of care, including restoring mobility. In addition to treating multiple sclerosis, the department is actively involved in clinical research activities. As part of ongoing research projects, doctors pay special attention to the multimodal assessment of fatigue syndrome associated with multiple sclerosis and psychological adjustment factors.

An important clinical area of ​​the department is the treatment of motor function disorders. A competent team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and sports therapists treats patients considering national and international medical guidelines. In addition, doctors practice various physiotherapy techniques when restoring mobility and using aids and adaptation methods.

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