Neurological Clinic Asklepios Konigstein-Falkenstein

Falkenstein, Germany
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Neurological Clinic Asklepios Konigstein-Falkenstein
Neurological Clinic Asklepios Konigstein-Falkenstein
Neurological Clinic Asklepios Konigstein-Falkenstein

About the hospital

Neurological Clinic Asklepios Konigstein-Falkenstein has operated as a pulmonary sanatorium and later as a neurological rehabilitation center since 1874. Doctors annually serve 1,500 patients with severe damage to the nervous system for early rehabilitation.

155 beds and outpatient treatment offers to ensure everyone's access to the necessary cure. Furthermore, the 3 floors of the medical facility are equipped with high-tech devices, gyms, and swimming pools. Also, certificates from the German Society for Neurorehabilitation and Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare guarantee high-quality and safe therapy. In addition, the unique evolution of medical nutrition is certified by the German Nutrition Society.

Considering the range of disorders the hospital deals with, the latest Philips MX 700 monitoring systems closely monitor critical patients' conditions. This approach contributes to a quick response to the deterioration of the state. Based on Konigstein-Falkenstein Neurological Clinic Asklepios, neurosurgeons, therapists, neurologists, and rehabilitation specialists work for a multidisciplinary approach to each case. Specialists use classical methods (Bobath, PNF, NAP, and Vojta) and robotic cure techniques. For example, ReWalk Gait Training and G-EO SYSTEM simulate the natural functional gait of the legs and obtain high movement recovery results and maintain the patient's motivation level. Armeo Arm Training help to individually conduct exercises for the upper limbs with constant progress analysis. Another new remedy method is Actigait subcutaneous neuroprosthesis. This implant uses electrical stimulation of the foot for active walking after a stroke. Thanks to such modern equipment and the desire of doctors to use the latest medical methods, the clinic was included in the top list of rehabilitation hubs 4 times in a row, according to the editors of FOCUS. In accumulation, the impeccable reputation contributed to the fact that Asklepios Konigstein-Falkenstein Neurological Medical Center was one of the few institutions recognized by the Society of neuropsychology and the chamber of psychotherapists for the internship of clinical neuropsychologists.

The doctors of the Asklepios Neurological Hospital in Konigstein-Falkenstein strive to get quick results in the recovery of patients, even after the effects of severe neurological diseases on the body. In particular, stroke, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, polyneuropathy, and Parkinson's disease are available for rehabilitation.

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Founded in 1874
1,500 patients
158 beds available
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Should I choose a medical center for patients with impaired gait?

Using the G-EO SYSTEM, ReWalk Gait Training, and the C-Mill VR+ treadmill allows doctors to achieve high results in restoring normal gait, preventing falls, and increasing stability during walking.

Is Neurological Clinic Asklepios Konigstein-Falkenstein the best for rehabilitation in Germany?

Focus journal has repeatedly recognized the rehabilitation center as one of the best in the country. In addition, numerous quality certificates and an impeccable reputation are also important factors.

Does the hospital offer rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis patients?

Treatment with interferon, oral drugs of the latest generations, a cortisone injection into the cerebrospinal fluid, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and neuropsychology are available for patients with multiple sclerosis.

About the city

Falkenstein is a small town lying on the banks of the Treba and Trib rivers and their branches. The city belongs to the Saxon district and Vogtland nature zone in Germany and has a population of almost 8,000.

The municipality fascinates visitors with its landscapes. The impressive cliffs of Schlossfelsen, Lochstein, and Schulfelsen are recognized natural monuments. The town hall of 1901, the Falkenstein castle-museum of 1850, churches, mansions, and palaces add an incredible atmosphere to the architecture. In addition, the city has an old hospital, which today functions as a gallery. Also, visitors can attend annual events such as the Falkensteiner street festival, the wine festival, and numerous fairs.

In the 13th century, Falkenstein arose around the castle, and in 1469 it became a free mining town. In accumulation, the textile industry occupied a significant share, which gave the city the meaning of "cradle of Saxon chamber cloth". Many famous and talented people are associated with the city. In particular, Gotthard Schettler, a pioneer in the study of atherosclerosis, was born in Falkenstein. Also in 1874, Dr. Detweiler founded a pulmonary sanatorium, which later, in 1964, started its neurological practice and, since 1999, has a modern look and is known as the Asklepios Konigstein-Falkenstein Neurological Clinic.

The numerous advantages of the city of Falkenstein, as a cozy town amidst the incredible beauty of nature and history, attract tourists worldwide.

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